You Never Know When Cleaning Might Reveal a Stock of Yamalube 2M Oil

In preparation for the weekend, I made the effort to actually get my shed cleaned out. I have all of my boating things in the shed including extra life jackets, motor parts, and several crab pots. I originally started the cleaning project so that I could find a particular fishing pole that I knew was in there somewhere. By the end of the day, I had found many things, but not the pole.

I found an entire supply of Yamalube 2M oil that I thought I had used up over a year ago. It turns out I still have a few gallonsĀ of the outboard oil left, which I can use for next year. That was by far my most exciting discovery in my shed. Only after organizing all of the crab pots and tow ropes, did I realized that the fishing rod that I was looking for had been lent to a friend.

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