Sorting Through Rope and Mercury 2 Stroke Oil in My Uncle’s Boat Shed

domo online blog 2 5-5-14Last weekend, my uncle decided that it was probably time for him to reorganize his boat shed, since the shed that he keeps all of his boating gear in is a complete mess most of the time. I went over to help him clean the shed, because it definitely wasn’t something that he could have done by himself. The shed was actually more messy and disorganized than it had been the last time I’d seen it.

He had tangled tie ropes spread across the floor. There were several different fish nets tucked away in odd corners of his shed. He even had a case of Mercury 2 stroke oil, which he hasn’t used since he got rid of his old boat. We were able to clean out the shed and sort through the mess so that everything that is in the shed now is actually something that he needs for his boat.

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