Memorial Day Means Hitting the Lake with a 2 Stroke Motor and Some 2 Stroke Oil

domo-online blog 1 5-26-14For as long as I can remember, Memorial Day in my family has meant taking out the boats. Of course, when I was growing up it was a little different, because back then my father just had a small boat with a little two stroke outboard motor. On Memorial Day, we would wake up in the early hours of the morning so that we could beat everyone else to the boat launch.

Between picking up food on the way, loading several sleep deprived children into a truck, and mixing some 2 stroke oil and gasoline for the boat, we would inevitably reach the boat dock several hours after our intended time of arrival. By this point, we would wait a long time to get our chance at the boat launch. Only once we were out in the water would our vacation day really begin.

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