Introduction to ATVs

atvWhile ATVs have become commonplace now, they have only been in the market for a relatively short amount of time. Introduced in the 1970s, all terrain vehicles (better known as ATVs) were at first met with a high incidence of injury. But this was largely attributed to improper use by the riders. To increase the level of safety, the norm was changed from three wheels to four wheels. Regardless of the number of wheels, an ATV can be described as any vehicle with low pressure tires, handlebars for steering, and a seat that must be straddled by the rider.

Some countries consider ATVs to be a street legal vehicle, but this is not the case in many provinces and states of Canada, the United States, and Australia. In many ways, an ATV mirrors a motorcycle, except the extra wheels offer additional stability and the accessories and products are far different. To that end, all terrain vehicle products are a specific range of products used to maintain, clean, or repair an ATV. These differ widely from both car products and motorcycle products, but they still need some basic outboard oil.

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