Early Season Snowmobile Maintenance: Part One


While I was taking out my snowmobile over the weekend, I noticed that it wasn’t running as well as it should. That’s when I decided that it was probably time to give my machine an early season tuning. It is always important to do basic checks before every ride and more thorough maintenance on a regular basis. Since I was short of time on Saturday, I decided to just do a basic check and make sure that the Yamalube oil and other fluid levels were sufficient.

While most riders remember to check the two basics-fuel and oil-some of the other main fluids are oft overlooked. It is also important to ensure that the engine coolant and brake fluid are properly filled. To check the brake fluid, look in the sight glass in the master cylinder. The anti-freeze will be in the reservoir tank, and both only take a few seconds to check. Tomorrow we will go into more in-depth maintenance and diagnostics.

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