Are You Ready for Snowmobile Season?


Outdoors enthusiasts’ tastes change with the seasons. In summer, they can be found fishing from the deck of a small personal craft or perhaps splashing around shore on a waverunner. But as the air begins to take on that distinctive crispness and the leaves take on a reddish hue, their thoughts turn to other endeavors. The boats are stored safely and securely in an out building – away from those who would steal their valuable outboard engines.

But just as many boat owners are going about the painstaking process of winterizing their crafts, they are also thinking of taking the snowmobile out of storage. Before too long the ground will be covered in a powdery layer of fresh snow. Even though that first ride might feel far out of reach, it’s still best to make sure that a sled is in tip-top shape for snowmobile season.

Begin by checking the fuel and oil levels. If it isn’t already, be sure to top things off with some Yamaha 2s oil. People also have a tendency to forget about other crucial fluid levels such brake fluid and engine coolant. Brake fluid levels can be verified by taking a gander at the sight glass of the master cylinder. Anti-freeze can be viewed in the reservoir tank. As long as both of these fall somewhere between the “low” and “full” designations, you should be fine.

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