Two Cycle Oil and Underwater Photography

Underwater-underwater-photography-32684062-1600-1200I’m very interested in underwater photography and taking photographs of the wildlife in nearby lakes, rivers, and oceans. I’ve invested a lot of time and effort in this hobby because taking pictures of sea life is something I’ve loved since I was young and I got my first waterproof disposable camera. Technology is much more advanced these days, of course.

What I usually do – when I’ve got free time and it’s a nice, clear day outside – is get my gear ready and my boat filled up with two cycle oil and go out to find a secluded place to dive and take photos. I’ve gotten some really interesting photos of certain animals that I’m really proud of, particularly one that I took of an eel poking its head out from the rocks.

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Fishing with a Group and Evinrude XD50 Oil

1002446_10151731492185993_290184089_nI really enjoy fishing, but I’ve never been a big fan of going fishing by myself. I know that some people will find it relaxing to wake up early in the morning and go out on their own, but I only really have a good time fishing because of the bonding that I can do with my family and friends when we’re fishing as a group activity; I find that this makes it much more fun.

When I go fishing, I usually load my boat up with Evinrude XD50 oil and take it out to the lake with some friends, even though I live on a river. Boating with friends is another aspect that really makes me love the fishing experience.  Fishing with friends and family has created some of my best memories.

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Boating Forever with Yamalube 2M

32228_pEver since I was a child, I’ve loved spending time on the water. My parents had a boat and I was constantly begging my dad to take me out fishing or just for a spin. I learned how to drive a boat early on, just so I’d be able to go out on my own boating expeditions earlier. As soon as I could afford it in my adulthood, I bought my own boat; I cared more about than having a car.

If it was convenient, I would probably live on a houseboat, honestly. It’s something that I’ve always considered doing, but there aren’t really any areas nearby where it’d be particularly convenient and I’ve got too much stuff. Until the day that I decide to switch over to a houseboat, I’ll be fine with my current boat, as long as I stay stocked up on Yamalube 2M.

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Yamaha Outboard Oil for a Clean Boat

boaterslogvol4no1image1_largeMy friends and I are in the middle of planning out our big annual fishing trip this year. Though we’re still deciding which lake we want to head out too, we know it’ll end up being a long road trip, followed by a long weekend of fishing, drinking, and catching up with one another. Since we’re all family men now, we don’t get a chance to hang out as often as we once did.

My boat’s the one that we’re going to be taking out this time, so I’ve been doing everything I can to make sure it’s well-maintained and in the best possible condition. For instance, I’ve made sure to load up on Yamaha outboard oil. I’ve also been cleaning my boat to make sure that it looks great; I like being able to have a nice-looking boat when my friends come to see it.

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Changing Your Boat Motor Oil

4d5d43_55893a3319e6911874a50252611a4b42.jpg_512Learning how to change the oil in my boat’s outboard motor has ultimately saved me so much time and money, because I don’t have to take it in to mechanics and spend a fortune having someone else do something so simple. Obviously, it’s quite a bit different from changing a car’s oil, but it’s still something that’s absolutely worth learning overall.

Generally, learning how to change the oil is something that is described in the manual that was purchased with the boat or with the outboard. The overall process tends to be draining the boat motor oil completely and then adding the oil from the drain hole. Once you’ve figured out to do these things, you’re pretty much able to change your boat’s oil!

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Yamaha Oil for Morning Fishing

036700_headlineI really love fishing, but I don’t do it as often as I would like to, mostly because I know that the best time to go fishing is bright and early in the morning, and I’m not exactly a morning person. I’m someone who has difficulty getting up for work in the morning and without that early-morning cup of coffee that I always make sure to have, I wouldn’t even be able to handle that.

Whenever I decide to go fishing, I try to get a lot done the evening before so that I don’t have to use my morning brain to make too many decisions. I get all the maintenance done that I need with Yamaha oil and I put all of the gear that I’m going to need in my car and hitch my boat to the car. As long as I get in bed really early and have coffee when I wake up, I can handle myself.

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Remembering Mercury Oil

20130302_011400_herringI have trouble remembering names. This isn’t something that just happens when I meet people, but I also struggle when it comes to remembering the names of songs or movies or brands. Sometimes this can become a real issue, but I’ve learned to better remember names by associating names with something and coming up with mnemonics or other tricks.

For instance, I was out the other day shopping for some things for my boat. I couldn’t remember the outboard motor oil that I like using for my boat, but luckily I had used association techniques to remember it. I had somehow associated ‘boat oil’ with ‘hot planet’ and remembered that it was Mercury oil that I preferred to use on my boat.

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Yamaha Outboard Oil Always on Hand

px_al_09.10_checking_oilI’ve always been the type who likes to be at the wheel in all situations. For some reason, I just don’t trust anybody else to drive a vehicle but myself. I’ve always preferred being the one who drives people around; I even prefer being the designated driver when we go out to bars, just so I don’t have to deal with anyone else’s driving. I’m the same way with boats as well.

Whenever my buddies and I go out boating together, I always insist that we take out my boat. Since that’s often what we end up doing, I always have to make certain that my boat is well-maintained. That’s why I always keep as much Yamaha outboard oil on hand as possible, so that I’m able to use it in a pinch whenever my boat is in need of an oil change.

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Outboard Oil For Doing Work On The Boat

outboard-001480x420I decided recently that I was going to spend a weekend working exclusively on mechanical stuff. I’ve been putting off working on my car for a while and it’s in desperate need of a tune-up. I always like to do those sorts of things myself, because I’ve got the expertise and I always feel like hiring a mechanic is a waste of money if I already know how to do it.

I went out earlier in the week to get all of the supplies that I would need to work on my car; I was missing a few essential tools and oil and things like that. While I was out and about, I also decided to pick up some outboard oil for my boat. Perhaps if I finish up work on my car earlier than expected, I’ll also be able to do a bit of work on my boat.

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Relieving Stress Thanks To Evinrude XD 50 Oil

speedboat3Taking my boat out is something that has always been particularly relaxing for me. Whenever I’m feeling stressed out, I know that taking my boat on the open water will help relieve my stress. My job can be pretty strenuous sometimes, so stress is common in my life, which means that I take my boat out as often as I can.

Since my job has the tendency to stress me out at a moment’s notice, I like to be able to take my boat out whenever I need to. In order to make sure that possible, I always make certain that my boat has been properly maintained. I keep a lot of Evinrude XD 50 oil on hand and I’ve learned to do the majority of my boat’s maintenance myself.

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Boat Motor Oil For Your Next Dive

Two-Kids-On-Brownies-Third-Lung-Hookah-Diving-From-BoatIf you’re going scuba diving without a designated group or a guide, it certainly helps to have your own boat. Solo scuba dives are something that only people with a lot of experience should be able to do. Even then, it’s important to have people there for safety. Regardless of the company you choose to bring along with you, your gear should be in tip-top condition.

This means that not only should you get the best scuba diving gear you can, but that your boat should also be in the best condition it can be. Don’t go the cheap route with inexpensive boat motor oil; you should always make certain to use motor oil that will keep your boat running perfectly for as long as possible. This way, it won’t be something that you ever have to worry about.

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Yamalube 2-M For The First Time Boating

IMG_1170I couldn’t believe it when my girlfriend told me that she’d never been on a boat before. Nobody had ever taken her fishing or out on the water. She’d never been on a cruise or even in a canoe or a kayak. She had somehow spent her whole life so far away from water that the thought had never even crossed her mind.

Naturally, I wanted to expose her to the world of boating as soon as I found this information out. I wanted to make sure that her first time was fun, memorable, and safe. That’s why I made sure to fill up with Yamalube 2-M so that everything ran smoothly for her very first time on the water.

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