Outboard Oil For Doing Work On The Boat

outboard-001480x420I decided recently that I was going to spend a weekend working exclusively on mechanical stuff. I’ve been putting off working on my car for a while and it’s in desperate need of a tune-up. I always like to do those sorts of things myself, because I’ve got the expertise and I always feel like hiring a mechanic is a waste of money if I already know how to do it.

I went out earlier in the week to get all of the supplies that I would need to work on my car; I was missing a few essential tools and oil and things like that. While I was out and about, I also decided to pick up some outboard oil for my boat. Perhaps if I finish up work on my car earlier than expected, I’ll also be able to do a bit of work on my boat.

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Relieving Stress Thanks To Evinrude XD 50 Oil

speedboat3Taking my boat out is something that has always been particularly relaxing for me. Whenever I’m feeling stressed out, I know that taking my boat on the open water will help relieve my stress. My job can be pretty strenuous sometimes, so stress is common in my life, which means that I take my boat out as often as I can.

Since my job has the tendency to stress me out at a moment’s notice, I like to be able to take my boat out whenever I need to. In order to make sure that possible, I always make certain that my boat has been properly maintained. I keep a lot of Evinrude XD 50 oil on hand and I’ve learned to do the majority of my boat’s maintenance myself.

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Boat Motor Oil For Your Next Dive

Two-Kids-On-Brownies-Third-Lung-Hookah-Diving-From-BoatIf you’re going scuba diving without a designated group or a guide, it certainly helps to have your own boat. Solo scuba dives are something that only people with a lot of experience should be able to do. Even then, it’s important to have people there for safety. Regardless of the company you choose to bring along with you, your gear should be in tip-top condition.

This means that not only should you get the best scuba diving gear you can, but that your boat should also be in the best condition it can be. Don’t go the cheap route with inexpensive boat motor oil; you should always make certain to use motor oil that will keep your boat running perfectly for as long as possible. This way, it won’t be something that you ever have to worry about.

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Yamalube 2-M For The First Time Boating

IMG_1170I couldn’t believe it when my girlfriend told me that she’d never been on a boat before. Nobody had ever taken her fishing or out on the water. She’d never been on a cruise or even in a canoe or a kayak. She had somehow spent her whole life so far away from water that the thought had never even crossed her mind.

Naturally, I wanted to expose her to the world of boating as soon as I found this information out. I wanted to make sure that her first time was fun, memorable, and safe. That’s why I made sure to fill up with Yamalube 2-M so that everything ran smoothly for her very first time on the water.

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What Is The Best Outboard Motor Oil?

outboard-engine-electric-torqeedoI’ve got a lot of experience when it comes to using different outboard motor oils with boats; I worked in a boat repair shop for quite a while and I’ve had my own boats for a number of decades at this point. Frequently, I get asked a question that, even with all of my experience, I’m not entirely sure how to accurately answer: what is the best outboard motor oil?

I’m not really sure what the best outboard motor oil is. I have experience with Yamaha and Mercury and Evinrude and I definitely believe that those three are among the top brands in the industry, but I’m not certain if I could say that one of those brands is particularly better than the other. It’s a really tough call, as certain brands are better for certain uses than others.

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Fishing In Iowa And Outboard Motor Oil

038335_headlineThough it’s about as far away from oceans that you could be, Iowa still manages to have plenty of awesome places for fishing. In particular, I like to take my boat out to the Mississippi River in the east. It’s pretty well known for having a very broad assortment of fish such as bass, catfish, pike, walleye, and panfish. There are tons of access points to the river as well.

There are other places to fish in Iowa as well, such as a number of lakes, trout streams, smaller rivers, and the Missouri River on the west, where most people go to catch blue catfish. All you need to do is get a fishing license, a boat, and fuel up with some outboard motor oil, and you’re ready to head out on the water to catch some fish.

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Modern Pirates With Mercury Engine Oil

03somalia.xlarge1I think that if you were a classic-styled pirate in this day and age, you’d have to run things quite a bit differently than back in the old days. For one, I’m not sure how much buried treasure is actually out there anymore. Another problem is that the seas are probably policed a lot better than they were in the heyday of pirates.

You would definitely have to adjust the kinds of ships and boats that you traveled around in. Maybe you would still have a giant ship that used sails and everything, but maybe you’d also have smaller motorized boats for the purposes of speed. And if that were the case, you’d also need some Mercury engine oil to keep your boats properly maintained.

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Changing Your Boat Motor Oil

marina_mainEven as someone who has had a boat for a few years, I still don’t know a whole lot about what makes it tick. I often rely on friends and professionals who have more experience with boating than me when it comes to making decisions regarding how to properly take care of my boat. I figure following their advice is my best bet to get the most out of having a boat.

One thing I’ve definitely learned to make sure I do, from friends and professionals at boating stores and repair shops alike, is that I should always be on top of changing the boat motor oil. In order to keep a boat running properly for a long time, which is precisely what I would like to do, you have to stay on top of that, or you can run into problems pretty quickly.

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Bulk Motor Oil Keeps You Prepared

Image.ashxIf there’s any time where I know that I’m not going to be using my boat for a while, I like to make sure that I’m prepared for when I do decided to take it out again. For instance, sometimes the weather is going to be bad for a long period of time or I need to take my boat in for maintenance or something like that.

Regardless of the reason, being prepared relieves me of a lot of stress and makes it a lot easier for me to take my boat out again when I’m ready. This is why I always purchase bulk motor oil and keep a large amount of it properly stored in my garage so that I can get to work on the required maintenance of my boat as soon as I’m ready to take her out again.

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Some Good Advice

boat-shoes-8I have a hard time trusting mechanics in general.  I always think that they are scheming to get more money out of me.  Whenever I take my car into the garage for something, I end up getting something totally unrelated worked on as well because they deemed that it was necessary.  It always costs me whenever I see a mechanic which makes me weary whenever they give me some advice.

I asked a local mechanic about which oil I should use on my outboard engine.  I told him that I usually use Mercury Optimax Oil but I was thinking of using something else.  He told me that as long as I stick to one brand, I should be fine.  If the oil I was using wasn’t causing me any problems, then there was no need to change it.  I was surprised he didn’t try to up-sell me and make me buy the most expensive brand of oil out there.  I was thankful of the truthful answer he gave me.  Why can’t more mechanics be like him?

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Maintenance After Winter

512502Don’t forget to go through the motions when it comes to boat maintenance after the winter season is over! I know that it’s very easy to forget about your boat when the lakes are iced over or when it’s just flat-out too cold to even really go outside, depending on where you live.

You’ve got to make sure everything is running fine when winter is over though because there’s no other time that’s more likely for your boat to break down (or at least mess up in some way) on you. It’s important to make sure that your boat motor oil has been changed and is up to standard before you go out on any journeys on your boat.

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Winter Fishing for Bass

We had our last fishing trip of the year just recently. We caught a decent amount of bass, which was great because we all actually enjoy eating bass. A lot of people are fans of trout and salmon, but they tend to forget that bass is a perfectly edible fish that I think can be quite tasty if it’s prepared correctly.

I stopped off and got some Yamalube oil on our way home because I figured it’d be a good time to do some maintenance on my boat since we were about to hit wintertime and there’s not a whole lot of boating to be done in the winter. It was pretty chilly even here on our last trip, but once winter really kicks off, it’ll be unbearable, unless you’re out to do some ice fishing.

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