Yamaha Outboard Oil Always on Hand

px_al_09.10_checking_oilI’ve always been the type who likes to be at the wheel in all situations. For some reason, I just don’t trust anybody else to drive a vehicle but myself. I’ve always preferred being the one who drives people around; I even prefer being the designated driver when we go out to bars, just so I don’t have to deal with anyone else’s driving. I’m the same way with boats as well.

Whenever my buddies and I go out boating together, I always insist that we take out my boat. Since that’s often what we end up doing, I always have to make certain that my boat is well-maintained. That’s why I always keep as much Yamaha outboard oil on hand as possible, so that I’m able to use it in a pinch whenever my boat is in need of an oil change.

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