Rainy Days Marks The Changining Of My Yamalube Oil

NSR50ITEMS001There’s usually not much to do on rainy days. I can’t do any yard work or any outdoor repairs to my house. My wife usually takes care of the inside of the house and she doesn’t really need me to fix or clean anything. So on rainy days, I like to sit in the garage and work on my boat. It keeps me busy and prevents me from spending the entire day in front of the television watching mindless shows.

I try to change my outboard motor oil at least once every two months. I’ve been using Yamalube oil and it hasn’t given me any problems. I like the sound and feel of a well-maintained engine. I also check to see if I need to replace any parts or if any parts are showing some major wear. I usually check the internet for any parts that I need. I don’t take my boat out very often in the winter, but I always make sure that it’s in good condition.

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