Using Two Cycle Outboard Oil In A Bind

imagesI’m the kind of guy who takes good care of his lawn and yard. I mow the lawn every weekend and eliminate weeds and other unsightly plant life that are growing in my yard. My yard is as well maintained as a Major League Baseball outfield. In fact, I use the same products the major ballparks use to keep their grass healthy and visually appealing. My neighbors compliment me on my grass every time they see me.

This last weekend, I had to remove a rotting tree from my backyard. I could have hired professionals to do it but I felt I could have done it on my own with the help of a friend. I had a chainsaw, an axe and some rope to work with. The plan was to use the chainsaw to cut through the trunk halfway and pull it down with the rope. Things were going well until I realized that I didn’t have enough fuel in my chainsaw. I didn’t want to drive to the gas station so I mixed the remainder of the fuel with some leftover two cycle outboard oil. It was good enough for us to get through the tree trunk.

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