Advantages of a Two Stroke Engine with Mercury Outboard Oil

02For many consumers, there doesn’t sound like there is much of a different between a two stroke engine and a four stroke engine. The first thing to understand when it comes to the differences between the two is what a stroke actually is. A stroke in an engine is the movement of the piston going up or down. The power stroke is when the gasoline in the cylinder fires.

This is what creates the power that is used to make a vehicle operate. In a two stroke engine, every second stroke is the power stroke whereas every fourth in a four stroke engine is the power stroke. This means a two stroke engine can be considered ‘more powerful,’ which many people consider to be a huge advantage. Just make sure to buy the right mercury outboard oil to maintain your engine properly.

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Best Mercury Engine Oil Mix

mercury_250verado-sternrunEngines are complicated things. For mechanics, it’s like second nature to figure out what oil is right for your engine, and doesn’t take much to figure out why one is more beneficial than the next. For those who are not so trained in the art of maintaining mechanics, it can be overwhelming to even decipher which oil is made for which vehicle.

If you have a mercury engine, knowing the right fuel to oil ratio is one of the most important pieces of information. You should have 50 parts of mercury engine oil to 1 part of gas. This will lengthen the life of your motor and ensure it runs more smoothly. Make sure to also have regular tune-ups twice a year when your boat is being used regularly.


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Where is the Oil Filter on my 2-stroke Engine?

mercury-4-strokes-175-verado-close-upIt’s not a news-breaking headline that you need a good filter to get the best performance from an engine. Having a new filter can promote the longevity and performance peak of your engine. But why do 2-stroke motors not have an oil filter?  I did some research and found out there is good reason.  In a 4-stroke engine (like the one in your car), the oil is added to a reservoir and is then recirculated through the engine, lubricating the moving parts and settling back into the oil pan.  It collects the “bad stuff” as it circulates, and therefore, it must be filtered before returning to the engine again.

So what makes a 2-stroke engine different?  In a 2-stroke engine, the oil is consumed with the combustion process.  Since it is not recirculated, no oil filter is necessary!

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No Noise Complaints with Yamaha Outboard Oil

yamalube logoI love listening to my music as loud as possible, especially when it’s thundering around me. I prefer blasting it through a stereo to listening through my earphones because I’m pretty sure it does less damage to my ears, and I just enjoy the experience more that way. However, I have run into a problem with my most recent apartment, in that my neighbors don’t like how loud I like my music.

I’ve found a solution that will keep me from getting noise complaints that still allows me to enjoy my music loud and proud. I just fill up my boat with Yamaha outboard oil, take my boat out to the middle of the lake, and then blast my music for as long and as loud as I’d like. Nobody’s gonna call in a noise complaint out on the water!

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Always Using Mercury Optimax Oil

sigpic109267_4I’ve been boating for quite some time now and I made sure to do all the necessary research when I purchased my boat. I went through the motions when it came to picking out what type of boat I wanted and how much space I wanted. Then, I did my best to figure out the best deal that I could get, based on market listings and the availability of used boats that I wanted.

When I purchased my boat, I made sure to ask the previous owner what sorts of oil and fuel additives he used on it and things like that, to ensure that it would continue running in its best possible shape. He told me that I should exclusively use Mercury Optimax oil. I’ve followed his instructions and I’ve always gotten amazing performance from my boat.

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Learning More about Outboard Oil

934152_553950914648523_1680645070_nA friend of mine recently bought his first boat and he’s been telling me a lot of information about boating and boat maintenance because I’ve been considering buying one of my own. The more he tells me, however, the more it feels like I’m completely clueless when it comes to the intricacies of boating. There’s a lot of common boat knowledge I simply didn’t know.

For instance, I didn’t know that oil was processed differently in certain boats. I initially assumed it was like a car where you would take it in for oil changes, but in actuality, with my friend’s boat, you mix the outboard oil with the fuel when you are putting it into the boat. He’s told me a lot of things about fuel additives and other stuff that I had no idea about as well.

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Evinrude Outboard Oil on Christmas Eve

aEvinrudeThere are a lot of different traditions that people practice for Christmastime when it comes to opening presents. Some people open presents on Christmas Eve, some on Christmas morning, and some wait until after dinner on Christmas Day. My family and I have always opened one present on Christmas Eve and then the rest the next morning.

This past year, when I opened up my present on Christmas Eve, I knew that my dreams were going to come true on Christmas Day. Because when I realized I had unwrapped a bottle of Evinrude outboard oil, I knew that it meant that my family had gotten me a boat for Christmas, which was exactly the gift that I had always been wanting.

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From Kayaking to Boating with Evinrude Johnson 2 Stroke Outboard Oil

kayakersBoatI’ve always been a huge fan of spending time out on the water. Recently, I’ve been going kayaking a lot more often, which has been a lot of fun and really good exercise. However, kayaking can be a little bit exhausting and I had been thinking for a while about getting something more relaxing to do out on the water, which is why I bought a boat.

I still go kayaking frequently, but now I spend some of my weekends taking the boat out with a few friends and just cruising around and having a relaxing time with some music and a few drinks. I make sure to keep Evinrude Johnson 2 stroke outboard oil on hand since I’ve been going out boating quite often and want to make the most of the summer.

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Learning About Boats and Yamalube 2-M

1365688376_500635412_3-Rubberduck-Falcon-7m-RIB-with-200hp-V6-Yamaha-2-stroke-motor-Boats-ShipsWhen I first bought my boat, I was clueless; I really didn’t know heads or tails about boating. The only thing that I really knew is that I wanted a boat and I would figure out the rest as time went on. I’m a fast learner when it comes to things like that, though I underestimated exactly how much knowledge I would need to know about having a boat.

Obviously, I had to learn how to properly drive it, as well as learn how to set up my car so that I could tow it to where I wanted to take it. Driving with a boat attached to your car has a learning curve of its own. In addition to learning about transportation itself, I also made sure to learn about the maintenance of the boat, and learned to start using Yamalube 2-M in it.

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Bulk Outboard Motor Oil for a Boat Mechanic

dsc_0398My father has worked as a boat mechanic for many decades and I’ve been working in his shop for more than a year now. I don’t have nearly the amount of expertise regarding boats as he does, but I’m definitely learning. I’m not sure yet if it’s what I want to do with the rest of my life, but I enjoy boating and I enjoy learning about how boats work, so it’s nice for the time being.

Generally, I do all of the administrative work for the shop, though I also delve into the actual mechanics of things a little bit, primarily as an assistant. One part of my duties is to order all of the things that my dad needs to properly do boat maintenance, such as bulk outboard motor oil. That’s something that I find myself ordering often, which is why we get it in bulk.

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Optimax Oil for an Indecisive Boater

lcgreenbowMy best friend has always been a bit on the indecisive side, especially when it comes to choosing things that he wants to purchase. He’s got a lot of buyer’s anxiety so whenever he decides to go shopping, he usually grabs me or one of our other friends to go along with him so that we can help guide him towards what he needs or reassure him that he’s making the right purchase.

His most recent stressful purchase was a boat; he brought all of his friends along to help him make that decision. We also helped him figure out the other basic items that he would need to go along with his boat for general maintenance. For instance, we chose Optimax oil because it was the perfect choice to go with his boat’s outboard motor.

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Going for a Swim Thanks to Yamalube 2W Oil

2010-08-29_11.53.50I think that swimming is a great way to exercise. It works out more of your muscles than running would and personally, I find it to be a lot more fun than running even if it does tend to be quite a bit more exhausting overall. I don’t have a pool, but I live close to a lake that varies in depth, which is usually where I go for a swim when it’s nice outside.

I generally prefer to swim in areas that aren’t unsafe due to the depth, since I like to swim by myself. Usually, what I’ll do is take my boat out to an area of the lake where I know it isn’t too deep and then I’ll swim around it. Before I do so, I always make sure to use Yamalube 2W oil on my boat so that I don’t run into any issues when I take it out.

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