Learning About Boats and Yamalube 2-M

1365688376_500635412_3-Rubberduck-Falcon-7m-RIB-with-200hp-V6-Yamaha-2-stroke-motor-Boats-ShipsWhen I first bought my boat, I was clueless; I really didn’t know heads or tails about boating. The only thing that I really knew is that I wanted a boat and I would figure out the rest as time went on. I’m a fast learner when it comes to things like that, though I underestimated exactly how much knowledge I would need to know about having a boat.

Obviously, I had to learn how to properly drive it, as well as learn how to set up my car so that I could tow it to where I wanted to take it. Driving with a boat attached to your car has a learning curve of its own. In addition to learning about transportation itself, I also made sure to learn about the maintenance of the boat, and learned to start using Yamalube 2-M in it.

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