Packing Yamalube for Personal Watercraft Learning

domo online blog 5 7-07-14Recently, my brother and I took my cousin out to a local lake so that he could learn a bit about personal watercraft. He wanted to learn to drive one since he thought that they were pretty cool. My brother and I wanted to make sure that he understood how to operated one safely and also how to maintain one so that he wouldn’t damage a boat or himself.

We brought some Yamalube 2-M to the dock so that we could show him how to add this to the watercraft before launching it. Then a nice person on the dock asked us why we were putting outboard oil in a personal watercraft.  He said, “There are oils specifically made for pwc’s, and that is not one of them.  Running outboard motor oil in your pwc engine can cause severe damage.”  Embarrassed, we went to the dock store and purchased some Yamalube 2-W for the day.  Our goal that day was to teach my cousin about proper care for a personal watercraft and we were the ones that ended up getting schooled! I think that my cousin learned a lot from the experience, and so did my brother and I.

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