Yamalube 2W Oil is Only for Personal Watercraft

domo-online blog 5 11-23-15When I was recently going on a boating trip with my friend, I made the mistake of trusting him to buy the oil for the trip. I assumed that he would know something about boats since I knew that he had a boat in the past. It turns out that he really was clueless about the boat that I owned and didn’t have any idea what type of oil he should bring.

When he showed up at the dock, I asked him for the oil that he had purchased for the trip. What he had brought for my boat was not at all what I was expecting since it was Yamalube 2W oil. I had to explain to him that this type of oil was only for use in personal watercrafts and it would not work at all in my 2 stroke outboard motor.

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