Puttin Yamaha 2w Oil Where It Shouldn’t Be

241651My friend is known to do some pretty stupid things when it comes to maintenance of his vehicles. He owns a boat in addition to an ATV and a car. He likes to work on it himself for the most part. He only takes his vehicles to the shop if it’s something major that he doesn’t know how to fix himself. It’s a good thing that he likes to take care of things himself but it’s also a bad thing because he knows very little about mechanics in general.

I remember when he told us that he used some Yamaha 2w Oil in his ATV engine. We scolded him because 2w oil is made for watercraft engines and shouldn’t be mixed in with other oils in the engines of land vehicles. We told him that he shouldn’t be surprised if his ATV experiences any kind of engine troubles in the next few weeks. That wasn’t the first time he did something like that. One time he told us he mixed three different types of oils in his outboard engine. His boat engine blew and he ended up needing a replacement.

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