Specs on Yamalube 2 Cycle Oil

dscf0081_1There are many types of two stroke oil that Yamalube offers customers, such as 2R, 2S and 2M. With all the different oil options, it can be confusing as to which one you should choose for the craft you own. Whether you own a WaveRunner, snowmobile, motorcycle, ATV, scooter or golf cart makes a huge difference when choosing the best oil for your motor.
Yamalube 2 cycle oil comes in a 2M option. This oil is designed for outboard boat motors. The blend includes a special additive to reduce wear and help against carbon buildup. Yamalube 2W is better used for watercraft. The blend is semi-synthetic which was designed to work against rust and corrosion. Since the two oils have these specific needs in mind, they are the best choice for each type of craft.

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No Noise Complaints with Yamaha Outboard Oil

yamalube logoI love listening to my music as loud as possible, especially when it’s thundering around me. I prefer blasting it through a stereo to listening through my earphones because I’m pretty sure it does less damage to my ears, and I just enjoy the experience more that way. However, I have run into a problem with my most recent apartment, in that my neighbors don’t like how loud I like my music.

I’ve found a solution that will keep me from getting noise complaints that still allows me to enjoy my music loud and proud. I just fill up my boat with Yamaha outboard oil, take my boat out to the middle of the lake, and then blast my music for as long and as loud as I’d like. Nobody’s gonna call in a noise complaint out on the water!

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Mixing Yamalube 2M with Other Brands?

caremaint-maintmat-lubeOne thing that I’ve learned from my boating experiences is to not mix and match oils from different brands. Usually, mixing oils from the same brand is not a problem at all, but there are plenty of bad things that can occur from mixing two different oils together, which is why it is generally not recommended. This is something that didn’t happen to me, but did happen to a friend of mine.

My friend usually used Yamalube 2M, but ran out while filling up his boat and decided to mix it with another brand of oil. The dyes and additives in these oils were not compatible and it clogged up the fuel injections system, which was an expensive thing that had to be fixed. Due to his own mistake, I try to make sure to burn or drain out all the oil if I ever change brands.

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Yamalube to Escape the Storm

Hurricane Ike damageOne of the scariest things in the world is being out on your boat and getting caught in a storm. I’ve had it happen to me one single time and it’s not something I would ever recommend. There had been a low percentage of a storm hitting the day I went out, so I assumed it would blow over, as weathermen have a tendency to exaggerate or just be flat-out wrong.

This time, the storm warnings were legitimate, however. I was lucky that I made sure to load my boat up with Yamalube oil, because that way it had the power that it needed to get me as far away from that storm as possible. I managed to get out of there without getting hurt or without any serious damage to my boat, but it was a terrifying experience

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Yamaha Oil and Keyboards

23328877_CP_photoI’ve been playing the piano since I was young. I started out playing it on a grand piano but eventually I decided that I had a preference for keyboards. After years and years of playing the keyboards, I’ve determined that Yamaha keyboards are my absolute favorite ones, and I never purchase keyboards or accessories that are developed by anyone else.

When I got a boat, I decided I’d be able to make use of my support for Yamaha once again. I figured that if I could trust Yamaha to make all of my musical instruments, I could also trust them to be the ones who make the oil that I would use in my boat. That’s the ultimate reason why I choose to purchase Yamaha oil over the other options out there.

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Waverunner and Yamaha 2W Oil for Anniversary

12ft-2013-yamaha-waverunner-fx-sho-1My girlfriend and I have done a lot of bonding out on the water; one of our very first dates was on a ferry ride and we both enjoy fishing and other activities that can be done out on the water. Whenever summer rolls around, we like to go boating and fishing in as many lakes and rivers as we can over the course of the season, while the weather is still nice.

This year, for our anniversary, I decided that we would do something that we had never done before, and I got us a Waverunner, alongside all the Yamaha 2W oil that I would need for it. I think that my girlfriend will really enjoy riding around on a Waverunner and I’m really excited to reveal the surprise to her, so that we can have fun with it together.


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Yamaha’s Products Include Yamaha 2M Oil

pic_009I used to think that companies couldn’t have the same name as other companies, but then I started to see stores in my area like McDonald’s Furniture, which had no affiliation to the fast food restaurant and simply shared a name. I would have figured that it’d be difficult to get a business started with a name so close to such a popular company.

One way I was really surprised, however, was when I discovered that the Yamaha that made my musical instruments was the same Yamaha that made the Yamaha 2M oil that I use on my boat. I had figured that it was another instance of two companies with the same name, but it turns out that Yamaha gets their hands into all sorts of different products.

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Sunburned, but Remembered Yamalube 2M Oil

33andongobiI went on a long boating trip with my friends this weekend and I wound up with the worst sunburn that I’ve gotten in years. I look like a cartoon character; the amount of redness on my face and arms is unreal. My lips and the tiny bald spot on my head even managed to get completely sunburned. Taking a shower has turned into a painful experience.

I can’t believe that I remembered to load up on Yamalube 2M oil for my boat but I forgot to load up on sunscreen for myself. The boat ran perfectly, but I’ll be shedding skin like a snake for a while. Next time, I’d better make sure that I’m more prepared unless I want to go through the agony of being badly sunburned again, which really is no fun at all.

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Boating Forever with Yamalube 2M

32228_pEver since I was a child, I’ve loved spending time on the water. My parents had a boat and I was constantly begging my dad to take me out fishing or just for a spin. I learned how to drive a boat early on, just so I’d be able to go out on my own boating expeditions earlier. As soon as I could afford it in my adulthood, I bought my own boat; I cared more about than having a car.

If it was convenient, I would probably live on a houseboat, honestly. It’s something that I’ve always considered doing, but there aren’t really any areas nearby where it’d be particularly convenient and I’ve got too much stuff. Until the day that I decide to switch over to a houseboat, I’ll be fine with my current boat, as long as I stay stocked up on Yamalube 2M.

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Yamaha 2S Oil for the Next Family Vacation

2008-Yamaha-PW80aEvery year since my kids have been old enough to walk, my wife and I have taken the family on a vacation in the summer. We’ve been to theme parks before like Disneyworld and Six Flags and sometimes we go to places where we can go hiking and camping. This year, I want to stick a little bit closer to home, because I want to bring my new boat along with us.

What my wife and I are planning is a trip over to the other side of the state, where there are more lakes and interesting places to camp out and spend time on the water. I’m stocking up on everything I’m going to need for my boat, including maintenance supplies like Yamaha 2M oil, because I want to be able to take my kids fishing for the first time.

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Snowmobile Oil In Alaska

220665_10150161135958754_6480209_oYou wouldn’t think that there’s a whole lot to do in Alaska if you’ve never been there before. That’s certainly what I thought before I had to move out there for business. I was so afraid that there wasn’t going to be anything for me to do recreationally, because I was used to living in warmer areas where I could go to the beach and go surfing or fishing.

Though it’s certainly been difficult getting accustomed to the cold but it hasn’t been difficult getting acclimated to the culture. There’s a lot of snowmobiling here and I’ve made a lot of friends riding around on my snowmobile. I’m always picking up snowmobile oil to make sure it’s running perfectly.

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Watching Dolphins From The Boat

Dolphin-WebThere’s an area near where I live where if you take your boat out far enough you can pretty much be guaranteed to see some dolphins swimming around and playing with each other. Dolphins are my favorite animal; it is so interesting how intelligent they are and how playful they can be. I always try to take the time to go out and watch them.

Usually, I’ll round up a few of my friends who love animals or dolphins or whatever and we’ll bring some snacks and some drinks. I fill up my boat with some two cycle oil and we head out to the open water in search of dolphins. You have to be very careful not to hit any dolphins with your boat!

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