What’s the Difference between Yamalube 2-M and 2-W?

2mwWhen looking at the best oil for your water sports vehicle, all of the different numbers and letters on the bottles can get confusing. It may seem like there is no real difference between your oil options and that all motors operate the same. You always want to pay attention to the types and ratings of the oil your engine calls for.

The difference between Yamalube 2-M and 2-W is a great example of one being slightly better for a specific vehicle. Yamalube 2-W was designed by Yamaha for their WaveRunner and inboard jet-powered boat engines and is not a TC-W3 rated oil.  2-M is TC-W3 rated and is specifically designed for use as 2-stroke outboard oil. Both oils were blended with precision and are often used as the industry standard in great oil.

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Learning About Boats and Yamalube Ringfree Plus

YLB-RNGFR-PL-04My dad takes his boat out almost every other weekend. He lives in an area where it’s warm enough for him to do this, so that he doesn’t get plagued by cold weather and rain like he would if he tried that where I live. He’s spent his retirement fishing with his friends or sometimes even going out by himself to just cruise around on his boat for the fun of it.

He has also spent a lot of his retirement learning about boats and gathering all the information that is necessary to make sure that his boat is always running smoothly. Since I’ve been looking into getting a boat myself this summer, he’s told me a lot of useful information about plenty of things, such as fuel additives like Yamalube Ringfree Plus.

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Yamaha Outboard Oil for a Clean Boat

boaterslogvol4no1image1_largeMy friends and I are in the middle of planning out our big annual fishing trip this year. Though we’re still deciding which lake we want to head out too, we know it’ll end up being a long road trip, followed by a long weekend of fishing, drinking, and catching up with one another. Since we’re all family men now, we don’t get a chance to hang out as often as we once did.

My boat’s the one that we’re going to be taking out this time, so I’ve been doing everything I can to make sure it’s well-maintained and in the best possible condition. For instance, I’ve made sure to load up on Yamaha outboard oil. I’ve also been cleaning my boat to make sure that it looks great; I like being able to have a nice-looking boat when my friends come to see it.

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Yamalube Oil for a Father’s Day Outing

ben Spies and Colin Edwards - Tech3 YamahaMy brother and I went on a weekend fishing trip with my dad for Father’s Day this year. We had a great time together; my dad rented out a house by a lake for the weekend in advance and we got up early in the mornings to go out on his boat and see what we could catch. I think it was fun enough for us to consider turning it into an annual trip.

I didn’t get my dad much for Father’s Day; after all, what do you get for the man who has everything? But I did get him some stuff that I knew he would have to replenish eventually. For instance, I picked him up some Yamalube oil, since I know how often he goes out on his boat, and he could always use the necessary maintenance supplies for it.

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Picking Up Yamalube 2W for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is fast approaching and I’ve been racking my brain for ideas as to what to get for my dad. What do you get the man who has everything? He has a tendency to pick up everything that he wants or needs, so it’s always tough to figure out what kinds of gifts are going to be useful for him.

I figured that the only things that he really needed are items that are be depleted. For example, he doesn’t need a new fishing pole because he already has one. However, he definitely will always need Yamalube 2W for his WaveRunner because he’s eventually going to run out of it. Mission accomplished for another happy Fathers Day.

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Yamaha Oil For A Speedboat

Eliminator_Speed_boatI love to go fast! I’ve always been intrigued by high speeds’. I’m an amateur race car driver and I love flying across the water, which is why I purchased a go fast boat not too long ago. It’s really fun to take it out on the water with a friend or two and seeing just how fast we can go.

Riding in a speedboat is a lot different than driving a race car. In a race car, you’re generally going in circles in the same track, whereas the path on a speedboat can feel a lot less linear, which is interesting. I fill my boat up with Yamaha oil, to make sure that it runs as well as it was designed to, considering how much I push the limits with it.

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A Budget Including Two Cycle Outboard Oil

budgetI can be a bit of a perfectionist and I like to know exactly how much money I’m going to be spending on something before I spend it. I always check out the pricing for maintenance costs and accessories whenever I decide to make a big purchase. It allows me to rest a lot easier when I actually go out and spend the money.

My next big purchase is probably going to be a boat.  I’ve been working out how much additional money I will need to spend when I purchase the boat, as that will determine the type of boat I end up purchasing. I have to remember that I’ll need maintenance and cleaning supplies like two cycle outboard oil and other accessories too.

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Yamalube For A Helpful Father

stever5_dualI recently moved into my first apartment and it wasn’t something that I could really do on my own. I didn’t want to drop a lot of money paying movers, so I enlisted the help of my father. We were able to get everything moved in there in under six hours, which was really nice.

In order to thank him for all of the help he had given me with the move, I decided to get him a couple of bottles of Yamalube oil. I knew that he had been putting off doing some maintenance on his boat because he didn’t have all of the right materials, and I thought that some motor oil might be a step in the right direction.

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Avoiding Boat Problems With Yamalube Ring Free Plus

dog-boat-dogA friend of mine recently sold a boat to me for cheap. Unfortunately for me, the reason it was so cheap was that he hadn’t been putting the maintenance into it that was necessary and it was having some problems. Even though it was a cheap purchase, I knew I would still probably have to take it into a shop and pay more to get some repairs done on it.

I got some repairs done on it and it didn’t seem like he’d done quite as much damage to the boat as he had though. I bought a bottle of Yamalube Ring Free Plus, knowing that everything would run a lot more smoothly if I used that, and I’ve been making sure to keep up on maintenance just in case there are any problems that start to show up with the boat again.

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Yamaha Produces Yamalube 2 Cycle Oil

p_yamalubeThe Yamaha Motor Company, which was launched in 1955, is a subsidiary of Yamaha Corporation.  The focus was on motorized vehicles rather than musical instruments, which the company was already well-known for. Now they are  best known for their motorcycles and recreational vehicles such as snowmobiles, scooters, boats and outboard motors.

Yamaha also offers a line of products related to those vehicles. One of these products is Yamalube 2 Cycle oil. This oil was designed specifically for Yamaha Outboard motors.  They also recommend using Yamalube Ring Free Plus in each tank of fuel, to counter the effects of ethanol and the unpredictable quality levels of today’s gasoline.

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Fueled Up With Yamalube 2W Oil

oilerThere’s an area on the border of Washington and Oregon where I went fishing recently, because walleye season is starting up over there. It was certainly an adventure taking my boat out there, considering it was the middle of February and was still mind-numbingly cold outside. But me and my buddies are pretty dedicated fishermen so we decided to trek all the way out there.

Before I headed out, I made sure to fuel up my boat with some Yamalube 2W oil. I wanted to make certain that my boat was up to par and wouldn’t cause us any problems while we were out there in the cold. Everything worked out great and we had a pretty great weekend, regardless of how freezing it was outside. All of us caught some pretty big walleye!

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Yamalube Oil Or Something Else?

black-oilA lot of people ask what the differences between most oils are. It is true that, at its core, most oils do the same exact thing. They lubricate the engine and keep it from overheating. Some oils do it better than others because some oils are fully synthetic and other are just semi-synthetic. Manufacturers suggest that you use their specific brands of oil for their engines but what happens if you use something else?

Yamaha recommends that I use their specific brand of Yamalube Oil on my outboard engine. They say that their oil is specially formulated for their engines and using something else might have negative impacts on the engine. I heard from other people that they don’t like using the more expensive oil because the cheaper oil does pretty much the same thing than its more expensive counterparts. My preference is to stick to what the manufacturer tells you to avoid unnecessary harm to a very expensive piece of equipment. I would much rather spend a few extra dollars on motor oil than to have to replace my outboard engine. But to each his own, I guess.

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