Looking For My Two Cycle Oil

P1010014GR_1-300x224I spent my entire day reorganizing my things in the garage. I’ve left it a complete mess for the last two months and it started to get on my nerves when I couldn’t find anything I needed. I usually don’t let it get to this point, but it has been a busy few months. If I kept some sort of order in my garage, then I wouldn’t have needed an entire day to get things straight again.

I couldn’t find where I put my bottles of two cycle oil which was the reason I needed to straighten out the mess in my garage. I spent over two hours sifting through junk just to find where I put it. That was a waste of time and there’s nothing I hate more than wasting time. So for the rest of that day, I threw away the things that I didn’t need, put my tools back in order on my work bench, and swept up the wood chips and sawdust that accumulated on my garage floor. When I was done with everything, you could hardly tell it was the same garage. I felt good afterwards and vowed to do it once a week.

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Picking Up Some Yamaha Oil Over The Weekend

aquasporttrailer-1There are some things that I just can’t get used to; sitting in traffic is one of them. It’s unavoidable and no matter how many shortcuts I come by, there’s still always some traffic on the roads. It gets really bad when I’m on my way home from work but I guess I shouldn’t complain too much about it because I’m not the only one who is going through this frustration.

I was sitting in traffic today so I decided to think about other things to get my mind off the situation. My girlfriend told me that she wants to go shopping for the apartment so she’s going to drag me to a home décor store over the weekend and ask my opinion about dinnerware and window treatments. I also needed to go to the store and pick up some Yamaha Oil because I’m running low. I hate running out completely so I like to keep a few bottles around just in case. All in all, it took about an hour for me to get home. Without traffic, it would have taken me less than thirty minutes. I need to find a better way to commute to and from work.

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Found Some Discounted Evinrude XD50 Oil

DSC02427Having a friend that is a mechanic comes in handy. I go to him if I need any advice on all things automotive. I even talk to him about my outboard engine for my boat. If I hear any sort of funky sounds, I would tell him about it and he would immediately diagnose it and tell me what I need to do. I kind of wish that I learned the mechanics trade myself because it would save me a whole lot of money and headaches.

Another good thing about having a mechanic friend is that he knows where to get good deals on certain things. He told me about another mechanic who sells some Evinrude XD50 oil out of a drum for a discounted price. All I would need to do was bring in my own container for the oil and pay the mechanic. It was way cheaper than if I would buy my own bottle from a store. I’m glad that I was able to save a few bucks.

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2 Cycle Oil Is Worth It

11882883My friend likes to find cheaper alternatives for just about everything. He never buys name brand items; he usually gets the generic brand. I’m sure most of the items do the same things but some items are better than others I imagine. I guess I have more trust in name brand items because I would expect they would perform better. That might not necessarily be the case, but that’s how I feel.

My friend bought some generic 2 cycle oil for his outboard engine. I warned him that some brands weren’t going to be as good as others and that when it comes to things like engine maintenance, he should stick with the better quality stuff. It will eventually do some harm to his engine but he still likes to buy the cheaper alternative. In the long run, it will cost him more to repair the parts that were damaged.

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It’s Evinrude XD100 or Bust…Literally

DSCN3877Owning a boat can be very expensive. I’m not talking about just the boat itself; I’m talking about the parts and the maintenance. I spent a lot of money on my engine and I want to make sure that it’s getting the best possible care. I change the oil myself every few weeks to make sure there is no carbon buildup that can be potentially damaging.

I noticed that my engine only runs on Evinrude XD100 oil. I asked a mechanic if I was able to use another brand because it can be a bit expensive. He told me that the setting my engine was on requires me to use that specific brand. Then he gave me the name of a store where I can buy some at bulk so it would be cheaper for me in the long run. That was helpful of him because I’m always looking to save a few dollars.

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Some Wasted Yamaha 2m Oil

IMG_12My son likes to rummage through my tool bench in the garage to find the tools he needs to build his birdhouses. My son learned how to build them in shop class in school and he’s taken a liking to working with his hands. The birdhouses he builds are getting more intricate and he is able to sell them to our neighbors for a reasonable price. I’m glad he found a hobby.

Every so often, he would forget to clean up his mess in the garage. He would leave tools lying around and one time he knocked over some of my Yamaha 2m oil and just left the spill there for two whole days. It stained the floor but he was responsible enough to replace what he spilled. I taught him the value of a dollar and how he shouldn’t waste things if he could help it. He said he learned his lesson and now he cleans up every time.


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Rainy Days Marks The Changining Of My Yamalube Oil

NSR50ITEMS001There’s usually not much to do on rainy days. I can’t do any yard work or any outdoor repairs to my house. My wife usually takes care of the inside of the house and she doesn’t really need me to fix or clean anything. So on rainy days, I like to sit in the garage and work on my boat. It keeps me busy and prevents me from spending the entire day in front of the television watching mindless shows.

I try to change my outboard motor oil at least once every two months. I’ve been using Yamalube oil and it hasn’t given me any problems. I like the sound and feel of a well-maintained engine. I also check to see if I need to replace any parts or if any parts are showing some major wear. I usually check the internet for any parts that I need. I don’t take my boat out very often in the winter, but I always make sure that it’s in good condition.

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Taking Chances Without Yamalube 2 Cycle Oil

dogbaotMy friend likes to do everything by the book and doesn’t usually stray from the given instructions. That’s fine if you want to live a boring life but I prefer to take some chances. I like to ignore the GPS sometimes and find my own directions to my destination. I go to restaurants I’ve never been to and try their food to see if it’s any good. I also like to take the trail less traveled whenever I go hiking. Sometimes you find that there is more out there if you decide to venture out and trust your own instincts.

My friend recently found out that I don’t use the recommended Yamalube 2 Cycle Oil for my outboard engine. I told him that I use another brand that was a little bit cheaper in price but is essentially the same product. He argued that the manufacturer puts certain synthetics in the Yamalube oil that is custom made for the outboard engine. My engine was running fine ever since I made the switch but my friend still wasn’t convinced. He told me that I spent a lot on my engine therefore I should take care of it by using the right products for it. I haven’t decided to take his advice yet. I’m just waiting and seeing if anything will go wrong with my engine.

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