Going Fast on a Waverunner with Yamalube 2W

300174_10151384572748123_1879943396_nIf you’ve never been on a Waverunner before, you’re missing out enormously. The best way that I can describe it is that it’s like the motorcycle of the sea. If you’re interested in high speeds on a personal vehicle in the water, there’s absolutely no reason to not check out a Waverunner. After I rode a friend’s for the first time, I knew I was in love with it and needed my own personal watercraft.

For my Waverunner, it was recommended to me that I use Yamalube 2W for the oil. I’ve used that the entire time I’ve had it and I’ve gotten nothing but great performance out of it. Anyone who loves the thrill of going fast and maneuvering in interesting ways out on a lake has got to try out a Waverunner: I give it my absolute highest recommendation.

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