Get Ready for Winter with a Mercury Oil 55 Gallon Drum

winter_fun3_0As winter approaches, it’s important to be prepared for the upcoming weather changes. Rather than waiting until the last minute to gather the necessary supplies for your winter activities and fun, hitting the store ahead of time means being prepared for all situations. This will allow you to plan great group activities on short notice.

For anyone with an outboard motor, it’s much easier to buy a Mercury Oil 55 gallon drum than continually going back to the store for more oil. Another time saver is for any fireplace or bonfire pit owners. Rather than waiting in line for wood, buy in bulk well ahead of time. This will ensure you skip the line and don’t go back home empty handed.

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Having a Mercury Oil 55 Gallon Drum Just in Case

image13One trick that I’ve always stood by is having an extra supply of something and pretending it’s not there except for in case you need it in a pinch. For instance, I have a savings account that I never touch unless I’m looking to make a particularly big purchase. I try to make certain that it never gets any lower than a certain amount, so I always have a safety cushion.

I do the same thing with supplies that need to be replenished. For my boat, I keep a Mercury oil 55 gallon drum in my garage as an extra amount that doesn’t need to be touched unless I’m going on a boating trip on short notice and I don’t have the time to pick up more oil. I rarely have to take oil from it, but it’s really nice having the oil drum as a safety cushion, just like my savings account.

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A Friend Recommended Optimax Oil

3742158_20111014110430_10_LARGEI’m the second among my group of friends to get a boat, so I luckily have one person to help guide me towards the things I’ve needed to consider regarding my boat. For instance, my friend had actually purchased one boat that hadn’t run very well at all and was able to steer me away from looking at that particular brand of boat.

Similarly, my friend has been able to give me some tips about oil and maintenance that I wouldn’t know without his guidance. He recommended that I stick to using one type of oil on my boat for the sake of consistency, and based on the kind of boat that I have, he recommended that I use Optimax oil in particular. It’s been very helpful having someone who knows what they’re talking about around.

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Mercury Oil Leads to Major Life Moments

ar125561248540391Some of the best moments of my life have been out on a boat. I can think back on so many amazing memories that have involved boating over the course of my life, all the way back to when I was a little kid going out on boats with my parents. I spent tons of time with my friends in high school and college out on a boat as well.

The most recent major memory that involved boating was when I proposed to my fiancée, which I did while we were on a romantic boat ride together. Without boats and Mercury oil, I’d never have had all those great times. I’m very thankful that my parents introduced me to boating and that I met so many people with similar boat-related interests in my life.

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I Drive the Boat, You Buy the Mercury Optimax Oil

15hpI’m typically the one of my friends who ends up driving on long car trips. The reason for this is just because I have the tendency to keep my car cleaner than my friends and there’s a lot more leg room in my Subaru than there is in most of my friends’ more compact cars. The deal is usually that if I drive, my friends will be the ones who cover the costs of gas.

In addition to being the one with the car, I’ve also got a boat, so our boating trips work very similarly to our road trips. I’m always willing to take people out on a boat trip, as long as they’re willing to cover the costs for fuel and Mercury Optimax oil. Generally, my friends are always fine with this set-up because we have such a great time on the boat.

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Saving Money with Bulk Mercury Optimax Oil

Mercury-Marine-2Since a few of my buddies and I all have our own boats, we often alternate on whose turn it is to take their boat out and be the ‘driver’ for the day (or the weekend, depending on where we’re going). We take our boats out so often that we’ve essentially turned this into a bit of a routine, where we always know whose turn it is because we figured out an order.

Another way we make things easier on ourselves is by purchasing boat-related items in bulk. For instance, we’ll buy bulk Mercury Optimax oil when we know that we have to do maintenance and then we split the costs, which winds up being much less expensive than it would be for each of us to buy our own oil. It’s been an effective plan thus far.

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Mercury Premium Plus for Family Fishing Trips

936916_10151586548630867_637457102_nMy father passed away when I was younger, so I wound up spending a lot of time with my uncles, who really became my male role models as I grew up. They showed me how to do all kinds of things; they took me on my first hunting trip and they took me camping for the first time. Our favorite thing to do together, however, was to go fishing.

These days, I live further away from my uncles than I did when I was a kid. However, we still always find times during the year to organize fishing trips. I have my own boat now, which is something I had always wanted, and I’ve got all the Mercury Premium Plus that I need to make sure that my boat always stays in the best possible condition.

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Saving Time With A Mercury Oil 55 Gallon Drum

$(KGrHqQOKo8E4i7FdKrbBOTWLzF91!~~48_35Sometimes my father can be a little bit too set in his ways. He gets stuck with one way of do something until a better way is forced upon him. There have been a number of times where my mother or I have had to just change something and force him to get used to it. He always acts annoyed at first, but usually realizes the change was worthwhile.

For instance, I started to notice that he was always going out and buying more motor oil for his boat, which seemed like a waste of time. I chose to buy him a Mercury oil 55 gallon drum so he was always well stocked and wouldn’t have to keep going out to get more before hitting the water. He was hesitant at first, but now he continues to buy bulk oil in barrels.

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Mercury Premium Plus For An Expert Fisherman

snapperreefrunnerMy cousin is a big-time fisherman; he taught me pretty much everything that I know about fishing and it’s kind of what his life revolves around. It was no surprise to me when I heard that he was working on becoming a certified casting instructor, so that he could be on the road towards actually being a fisherman for a living like he had always wanted.

Once I heard he had actually received his certification, I decided that I wanted to get him a gift to celebrate something I knew he had always hoped to do. I figured that he’d be spending even more time on his boat now, so I decided I’d get him something that was boat-related. I wound up buying him some Mercury Premium Plus motor oil for the boat.

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Trying Out Mercury 2 Stroke Premium Plus Outboard Motor Oil

9724g95_20I’ve always been wary about anything that refers to itself as ‘premium’. I am often quite skeptical of how certain products are advertised, so I’m constantly doing research and reading  Consumer Reports magazines and websites online.  This helps me make better decisions on purchases.

That’s why I was so surprised when I was guided towards picking up some Mercury 2 stroke Premium Plus  outboard motor oil for my boat. It turned out that when they said ‘premium’ in the title of the oil, they really meant it. My boat has been running fantastically ever since I started using it and I’m certain that I won’t be going back.

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Mercury 2 Cycle Oil In A New Boat

boat2When my son was young, I used to take him out on a rusty old boat that my father had passed down to me and we would go fishing in the river behind our house. We usually didn’t catch a whole lot, but it was a nice way to teach my son to be a sportsman and for us to bond together over a fun activity, one he would remember all of his life.

Now that he’s a full-grown man, it’s clear that our experiences boating together have influenced his hobbies as an adult. He’s got his own boat now and it’s a boat that’s much nicer than the rusty old one I used to take him out on. For his birthday, I got him some Mercury 2 cycle oil, so that he’ll be able to take care of that brand new boat.

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Emergency Mercury Oil

valor4My father always told me to expect the unexpected. I didn’t really consider his advice because I thought it was just a phrase he used a lot. I never really thought of the meaning of those words until my outboard engine broke down during a recent fishing trip. Had I heeded my father’s words, I would have been prepared when my engine broke down. Instead, my friend and I had to wait for somebody to tow us back to the marina.

These days, I keep an emergency kit on my boat at all times. I don’t want to be stranded for an hour or more again so I keep some Mercury Oil, a gallon of gas, and emergency rations in my kit. I try to expect the unexpected so I won’t be caught off guard again. I also keep a first aid kit in my boat and in my car. Whenever I go somewhere, I try to imagine the worst possible situation that could happen and I prepare for it. I hope my son will take what I say seriously when I try to impart some knowledge on him like how my dad tried to do the same with me.

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