Catching Marlin

Montauk Point is the home of New York’s oldest lighthouse. It can be found in Long Island, but the lighthouse isn’t the only major point of interest out in Montauk. Montauk claims to have more saltwater fishing records than any port in the world, and these claims might very well be true.

At Montauk Point, people can fish for mackerel, cod, weakfish, striped bass, and tuna, but perhaps the most exciting fish to try to catch at Montauk Point is the marlin. Because marlins are so fast and large, many fishermen believe them to be of a higher tier in the sport of fishing than most other fish. To catch a marlin is to earn prestige in the fishing world and to catch one, all you’d need to do is load your boat up with Optimax oil and head to Montauk Point.

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