Yamalube Ringfree Plus Seems Like an Odd Father’s Day Gift

domo online blog 5 6-9-14I am going out on the boat with my father this weekend in celebration of Father’s Day. For the entirety of my life, I can recall my father on his boat just about every Father’s Day. I guess that it is kind of a tradition. When I was growing up, going out on the boat with my father was some of the only time that I spent alone with him.

For his Father’s Day gift, I am planning to give him some Yamalube ringfree plus. I know that he likes to use it in his boat motor on a regular basis to make sure that the motor is clean and free of debris whenever he runs it. It might sound like a strange Father’s Day gift to most people, but for my father it is really a gift that he is sure to appreciate and use.

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