Who Packs Outboard Motor Oil in a Boat Cabin?

domo online blog 1 6-2-14If I didn’t know that he wasn’t, I would assume that my father had been a Boy Scout when he was a kid. He takes a be prepared attitude with him everywhere that he goes, including out on the boat. His boat has always been stocked with an extra anchor, tow ropes, floatation devices, and a first aid kit. Whether he needs any of these items is really up to opinion.

My father even keeps an extra gallon of outboard motor oil in his boat cabin. It isn’t as if you could really change the oil in a boat while it was in the water. All the same, he has the boat motor oil with him just in case he might need it at some point in time. Most of the time he’ll only have to use it when he is on dry land and more than likely when he is still at home.

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