Taking Some Evinrude Outboard Oil Along for the Ride

domo online blog 1 6-16-14My uncle thinks that his boat might have some sort of an oil leak. He can’t be sure because he hasn’t actually seen any oil leaking out into the water or onto the street and it would usually be easy to see leaking oil from a boat motor. All the same when he checked his oil reservoir, he discovered that the oil in his motor was low, which is odd since he just filled it.

Until he has time to get his boat looked at by a professional, my uncle plans to keep some Evinrude outboard oil on hand and check the reservoir regularly to see if there is a low amount of oil. Until then, he will only take the boat out on short trips and regularly check to see if there is oil leaking into the water. At the first sign of trouble, he will return to shore.

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