More Yamalube 2 Cycle Oil for My Friend’s Boat

domo online blog 4 6-23-14One of my friends likes to joke that his boat definitely seems to be a hole in the water that he is throwing money away in. The boat has been temperamental since the day that he got it and seems to be in the shop more than it is ever out on the water. Still my friend would never consider buying a new boat, because to him that would be something close to admitting defeat.

Yesterday, I went with him to buy more Yamalube 2 cycle oil to mix into the gasoline of his boat. As my friend forked over more money, to put straight into his boat, he simply laughed and said that this is what owning a boat is all about. At least the oil is a part of regular boat maintenance, rather than some emergency repair that is needed shortly after launching the boat.

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