Evinrude XD50 Oil for My Grandpa’s New Outboard Motor

domo online blog 2 8-25-14Now that my grandpa is retired he decided that he should spend a lot more time doing the things that he loves. When he was a kid, one of his favorite things to do was go out on his father’s boat to go fishing. He had a boat when his kids were still young, but ended up selling it so that he could better support his family. Now he’s planning on getting back into fishing.

He already bought a new little fishing boat complete with an Evinrude two cycle outboard motor. He has stocked up on Evinrude XD50 oil so that he can constantly have the oil that he needs to take his boat out fishing early in the morning. So far the boat has made it so that he is able to spend his retirement actually enjoying himself and doing what he loves.

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