Evinrude XD50 Oil Keeps My Outboard in Perfect Condition

domo-online blog 4 11-16-15When I purchased a brand new Evinrude E-Tec engine, I was devoted to making sure that I was able to keep the motor running perfectly for years to come. I really wanted to make sure that my motor would be able to function at its highest ability for the largest number of years. It was very exciting for me to be able to have the new motor to work with.

When I started working with the new outboard motor, I decided to program it differently than most E-Tec engines. I switched the motor so that it would run on Evinrude XD50 oil rather than the standard XD100 oil. I have been able to keep my motor in perfect shape by continuing to maintain it and use the best quality oil in it.

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