Relying on Yamalube 2M When Trolling for Fish

domo online blog 5 7-28-14I have two motors on the back of my boat. One of the motors is for going fast and getting where I am going without any difficulty. The other motor is a smaller motor that is mainly for trolling when I am fishing or using as a backup motor in case the main motor breaks and I need to get myself back to shore some other way. I have to rely on this motor for trolling since my other motor is too powerful.

I always make sure that my smaller motor works before I leave the dock, because I don’t want to get out to where I am fishing and find that it doesn’t work. I put Yamalube 2M and plenty of gasoline in it so that I can be able to troll around for a long time. I make sure to keep it in top condition so that it can always keep me safe and perform the way I expect it to.

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