Utilizing Many Different Types of Yamaha Oil

domo online blog 5 8-04-14My family has always been pretty dedicated to the Yamaha brand. Whenever anyone wants to go out and buy something that has an engine, they always look for something that was built by Yamaha. Of course, this often means buying a more expensive product than might come from another brand, but the longevity of the items we have purchased have proven that it is worth it.

We find ourselves using Yamaha oil for all of our different engines. Yamalube 2S is for my brother’s snowmobiles that he takes up into the mountains after the first good snowfall of any year. Yamalube 2W is for the WaveRunners that we race around the lake during the summer. Yamalube 2M is for all of our Yamaha outboard motors that keep boats running through fishing and crabbing seasons.

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