Time to Buy Mercury Optimax Oil After Upgrading to a Direct Fuel Injection Outboard

domo online blog 3 8-25-14My neighbor has always been the type of guy who finds something that works and sticks with it indefinitely. He has had a small fishing boat for far longer than I have known him. The boat has an outboard engine that is really a thing of the past. It is an old two stroke engine that pumps out a lot of filthy exhaust whenever he drives it around the lake by our homes.

Recently someone told him that he ought to switch to a direct fuel injection outboard motor so that there would be less exhaust. Initially he was very reluctant and wouldn’t hear of it. Then he did some research and found that with a new engine and some Mercury Optimax oil he might be able to get a lot more out of an outboard motor. He decided to make the switch.

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