Taking Good Care of My Fishing Boat with Evinrude Johnson 2 Stroke Outboard Oil

domo online blog 1 8-11-14When it comes to taking good care of my boat, I guess that I can be a little bit fussy. I take great care whenever I wash the boat to make sure that I look for any scratches or problem spots on the boat that might indicate that something is wrong. When I run the outboard motor, I listen for any flaws in the normal operating noise that it produces to detect engine problems early.

I always take good care of my outboard motor by making sure the correct ratio of Evinrude Johnson 2 stroke outboard oil is mixed in with the gasoline that I use to run it. I am very careful about measuring out just the right amount to make sure the mixture is perfect for my motor. I also include a fuel additive to clean out any build up that might be in the motor.

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Utilizing Many Different Types of Yamaha Oil

domo online blog 5 8-04-14My family has always been pretty dedicated to the Yamaha brand. Whenever anyone wants to go out and buy something that has an engine, they always look for something that was built by Yamaha. Of course, this often means buying a more expensive product than might come from another brand, but the longevity of the items we have purchased have proven that it is worth it.

We find ourselves using Yamaha oil for all of our different engines. Yamalube 2S is for my brother’s snowmobiles that he takes up into the mountains after the first good snowfall of any year. Yamalube 2W is for the WaveRunners that we race around the lake during the summer. Yamalube 2M is for all of our Yamaha outboard motors that keep boats running through fishing and crabbing seasons.

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Using Ringfree Plus to Maintain and Older Engine

domo online blog 3 8-04-14One of my friends has been running his boat for quite a long time now. He has over 700 hours on the engine so he has started to worry that he might need to do a bit more to keep his engine running in the condition that he has for ages. He has always been good about using the right outboard motor oil in it, but now he wants to do more.

After reading some recommendations about his Yamaha outboard, he discovered that the company that built his engine recommended using a fuel additive to help clean out deposits in the engine. He started buying Ringfree Plus and putting it in the outboard on a regular basis. Now whenever he adds gasoline to his boat, he also adds a little bit of the fuel additive to help keep his engine healthy.

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Helping with the Mercury Outboard Oil at the Marina

domo online blog 1 8-04-14Yesterday, I received a call from one of my friends asking for help with his boat. Since he only got the boat last year, I was sure that he was confused about some part of regular boating maintenance so I went to the Marina to help him out. I was thinking that he would need my help determining how to open some part of his outboard engine or something like that.

It turned out that the only problem was that he didn’t know what kind of outboard oil was the right kind for his boat. He was stuck in the marina store reading the labels of a bunch of different types of oil. I was able to show him the Mercury outboard oil that was right for his boat. I am fairly certain that I could have given him the same type of help over the phone.

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Relying on Yamalube 2M When Trolling for Fish

domo online blog 5 7-28-14I have two motors on the back of my boat. One of the motors is for going fast and getting where I am going without any difficulty. The other motor is a smaller motor that is mainly for trolling when I am fishing or using as a backup motor in case the main motor breaks and I need to get myself back to shore some other way. I have to rely on this motor for trolling since my other motor is too powerful.

I always make sure that my smaller motor works before I leave the dock, because I don’t want to get out to where I am fishing and find that it doesn’t work. I put Yamalube 2M and plenty of gasoline in it so that I can be able to troll around for a long time. I make sure to keep it in top condition so that it can always keep me safe and perform the way I expect it to.

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