Best Time to Buy

With snow falling outside your window, you wouldn’t think that January would be the best time to buy a boat; yet, the experts say that now is the time to find a bargain. Some store owners are eager to clear out Christmas stock. Others want to drum up business for out-of-season items and make room for new product lines. Desperation breeds deep discounts, and with a bit of bargaining you can walk away with some cool swag and a new boat.

Still not convinced? Consider this: boat dealers draw few customers in the winter, especially in northern states. You could wait until boat shows to purchase a new outboard motor boat, but you’ll be unlikely to get a good deal because dealers put time and money into shows that they’ll want to recoup. Instead, visit a showroom this month and drive a hard bargain. You’ll be one of the few customers around, giving you plenty of leverage. Come springtime you’ll be showing off your brand-new boat. When making your purchase, don’t forget to stock up on boat necessities, like Evinrude xd100 oil.

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