Redneck Fishing Tournament

Picturing a redneck on a fishing boat isn’t that far a stretch of the imagination. What about a redneck fishing tournament in which rods and reels aren’t allowed? In Bath, Illinois the natives host an annual Redneck Fishing Tournament in which all contestants must use nets to catch the invasive silver carp also known as flying carp. The fish are nicknamed flying carp because they leap high out of the water and are known to smack people in the face.

During the annual redneck hunt, contestants catch the flying fish with nets, or sometimes the fish just leap straight into the boats. There are prizes given for the most fish caught. Because they are a non-native, invasive species which devastate local ecosystems, there is no limit on the number that can be caught. The caught fish are not great for eating, so they are ground into fish meal and used as fertilizer. Silver carp are actually attracted to the noise generated by 2 stroke cycle outboard motors and become frenzied as the boats draw nearer. To participate in this endeavor, load up your outboard motorboat (filled with yamalube 2m oil, of course), and head on down to Bath, Illinois!

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