Fishing Licenses

The silver carp mentioned in previous posts only “fly” in the Illinois River. The reason they leap out of the water only in Illinois has to do with the contouring of the river banks. To partake in the annual Redneck Fishing Tournament using a dip stick net, you must have an Illinois fishing license. Licenses are fairly easy to acquire and won’t run you up a huge bill.

Non-residents can get a fishing license for $31.50, which should be good for the season. If you’ll only be in town for a little while, you may want to go for the $20 ten day licenses. The town of Bath, which hosts the fish contest, has only a little over 300 permanent residents, but thousands come out each year for the event. Everyone seems to get the proper licenses just fine. When you head out to Bath with your outboard motor boat, make sure you’ve got your licenses and yamalube 2w oil on hand.

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