Extend the Life of Your Boat with Regular Maintenance: Part 5

Keeping the electrical components if you boat dry is of the utmost importance. When this area of your boat becomes damp or wet, you stand the risk of failures within the electrical system of your boat. Keeping any and all electrical components of your boat dry should be part of your regular boat maintenance. Invest in the upkeep simplicity of water repellent to help protect your boat.

At the end of they day, you’ll want to know that you’ve done everything possible to ensure that your boat is well-kept, clean and protected. The final step to making sure all of these efforts holds true, you’ll want to shelter your boat with a canvas boat cover. This will prevent additional sun, water or debris damage to your boat while you’re not using it. Keep it covered and keep it safe.

Don’t forget to keep your boat running smoothly with Evinrude xd 100 oil!

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