Extend the Life of Your Boat with Regular Maintenance: Part 3

Part of keeping a well-maintained boat is more than just following a checklist of duties to carry out. It’s more of a state of mind or lifestyle you develop when you’re in constant care mode for your boat. This means that every time you get on your boat, you perform a quick scan for anything that seems out of place or anything that may need a quick fix. It is about knowing when all aspects of your boat are in need of a fix up or are on the verge of needing maintenance.

Boat motor maintenance is another huge aspect of regular boat care and inspection. It’s important that you flush your boat engine after every outing and also inspect everything from your fuel tanks to clamps on your fuel line as well as the possibility or rust or corrosion on the exterior of the motor. And don’t forget to check out the boat’s cooling system.

Above all, be sure to ensure proper boat maintenance with Yamalube 2m oil!

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