Extend the Life of Your Boat with Regular Maintenance: Part 1

Who would have thought that one of the most important ingredients to maintaining your boat is also one of the simplest? Keeping your boat clean by washing it regularly is a key aspect of boat maintenance. Not only will a clean and well-organized boat help you maintain a more pleasing environment for you and your out-to-sea guests, but a well-maintained boat helps to fight off the long-term effects of environmental wear and tear. For example, a routine waxing of you boat will help to protect it from these elements.

When it comes to keep tracking of the bulk list of small and detailed, yet important, tasks to keep your boat well maintained, creating a master checklist well help you to keep your responsibilities organized. This list should include all of the key areas from general boat maintenance and inspection through the winterization of your boat.

Remember to always supply your boat with Evinrude xd 100 oil to keep it running smoothly!

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