A Little Time and Effort


For the most part, automotive maintenance is incredibly simple. The majority of drivers are hardly car experts; they only need to know a few basic precautionary measures. As long as they get the oil changed every 3,000 miles and follow any serious imperatives broached by their mechanic, things work out fine. But a car engine should never be confused with an outboard, which requires more maintenance by its very nature.

In fact, avid boaters should perform a series of simple steps at the end of every trip. First of all, the engine should be flushed. Salt water can be especially corrosive to the motor’s interior parts, but freshwater can wreak havoc as well. Just restart the engine and watch as the water pump recycles the fluid. Take this opportunity to evaluate the water pump for level of flow.

Next, disconnect the fuel line from the engine and allow any excess fuel to be burned. This will ensure that the entire fuel system is cleaned out and ready to go for your next excursion. Top off the engine with plenty of Yamaha 2m oil in order to guarantee that your outboard is in fine working order. These steps might seem like a hassle at first, but they’ll become routine before long. If a few extra minutes of maintenance work can add months or years to the life of your outboard, isn’t it worth the time and effort?

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