Offseason Snowmobile Care: Part Three

Yesterday we lubricated the entire system with Evinrude oil and prepared the fuel tank so that it won’t rust during the offseason; now its time progress to the carburetor and the drive belt. Begin by removing the float bowl drains from the carburetor, which will allow the fuel to escape. If fuel is left in the carburetor during the offseason, it will evaporate and leave a residue, which has the potential to clog passageways in your system.

Once the fuel is drained from the carburetor, remove the drive belt and store it unrolled in a safe location. Leaving the belt on during the offseason can cause it to warp to the shape of your sled. There is also the possibility of condensation collecting in-between the clutch sheaves and the belt, which will be detrimental to the smoothness of your ride. Tomorrow we will discuss proper storage of the battery and go over a few minor adjustments to ensure the integrity of your snowmobile isn’t jeopardized.

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