ATV Troubleshooting: Choosing Your Oil

Since this blog is dedicated to outboard motor oil, we couldn’t do a series on ATV Troubleshooting without touching on the subject. ATVs are available with two or four-stroke motors, and the type of engine you have will dictate the oil that you should use. In a four-stroke, the oil and gas are separate and the engine is air-cooled. The oil you choose will depend in large part on the weather conditions you are planning to face.

In hotter temperatures, go with a heavier oil, which will provide more protection against the heat. For colder climates, a lighter oil is needed to maintain its viscosity. If you are operating a two-stroke ATV, you can either mix motor oil with your fuel or use a special fluid that your manufacturer has developed. No matter what type of oil or lubricant you put into your ATV, always opt for a quality product; cheap oil may look attractive, but when your engine seizes up, you’ll pay the price.

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