ATV Troubleshooting: The Clutch

There is a litany of things that could go wrong with your ATV, but one of the most annoying and difficult to diagnose problems is a sticky clutch. If your clutch isn’t disengaging properly, it is probably one of three things. Obviously, the clutch could be broken, and you should inspect it thoroughly for any blatant damage. Once you ensure there is no serious defect, look to see if the cable needs oiling or if there are any spots that are worn down on the clutch basket.

Another problem that people often encounter with their clutch is that it grabs when shifting out of idle. In this instance, the first thing to do is check the adjustment and look for warped clutch plates. If these look okay, it is likely that your mixture of Evinrude XD100 oil and transmission fluid is too heavy. The final major hiccup with the clutch system is slipping. Usually the same culprits that make the clutch grab are responsible here as well, although you should be sure to check the clutch springs too.

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