Evinrude XD100 Oil Works with an Evinrude Engine

Anyone that’s spent any time in a boating store has probably seen a decent amount of Evinrude products. In fact, even if you’ve never been in a boating store, you’ve likely seen Evinrude-related products, because they are made by Bombardier Recreational Products, and they also make is known for making Polaris snowmobiles, SeaDoo Personal Watercraft and Can-Am motorcycles.

However, if you’re using a boat with an Evinrude engine, it’s probably going to be your best bet to ensure that you’re using Evinrude oil. After all, it’s generally known that using the oil that matches up with your engine is going to work best for you; the oil has typically been designed to be used specifically with that brand of engine.

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Getting 2 Stroke Oil for a 2 Stroke Engine

Domo-Online 4-6-2015 Pic 1Depending on the type of boat that you have, you have to think about what kind of maintenance supplies you will need for that boat. For instance, the type of items that you would need to maintain a sailboat would be very different from what you would need to perform maintenance on a motorboat.

With my boat, I’ve got a 2 stroke engine, so it’s important that I always have a decent stock of 2 stroke oil. The oil is mixed in with the fuel when you’re using it, so it’s different from the oil that would be used on other types of boats. Of course, with a sailboat, you wouldn’t use oil at all, but you’d have a very different boating experience.

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Prepared with 2 Stroke Oil

Domo-Online 2-2-2015 Pic 2It’s good to be prepared for any possible situation, no matter what activities you might enjoy participating in. When I go camping, I make sure that I’ve got a bag packed with everything I need in it, so I don’t see why I wouldn’t continue with that attitude throughout other aspects of my life.

For instance, I make sure to keep 2 stroke oil in my garage for my boat. It’s a different kind of being prepared, but it’s still essentially making an effort to do just that. It allows me to perform maintenance on my boat whenever I need to. Whenever I’m putting in the fuel, I just mix in the oil.

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2 Stroke Oil and Cleaning Supplies for Maintenance

Domo-Online 12-2-2014 Pic 1When you’re a boat owner, there are a lot of things that need to be considered. Owning a boat is a genuine responsibility and personally, I don’t think it’s one that should be taken lightly. I know a lot of other people with boats and it surprises me how infrequently they pay attention to the maintenance needs of their boat.

That’s why I always make sure that I’ve got all that I could possibly need for my boat’s maintenance. Whether it’s cleaning supplies or 2 stroke oil, I have everything on hand so that I can make sure that my boat’s maintenance is done regularly and that it is done correctly as well.

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Some 2 Stroke Oil for a Fishing Trip on the Lake

domo online blog 1 9-29-14I have found that when I usually want to go fishing, there are very few shops open. This is because I tend to leave for fishing trips before the sun comes up in the morning. This means that anything I am going to need for a fishing trip has to be purchased before the actual day of the trip. This is usually easy for things like fishing lures and more difficult for things like fishing worms.

To make sure that I can get my motor running without any issues, I always have some gasoline and 2 stroke oil on hand to keep everything going well. Since I have these items beforehand I am saved from having a last minute need for oil or gasoline. It is just about impossible to find outboard oil before the sun comes up, so it is important to have these on hand.

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Preparing a Boat for Summer Fun on the Lake with 2 Stroke Oil

domo online blog 1 7-28-14My uncle recently acquired a boat that had been sitting in someone’s yard for several years without being used. The boat came fully equipped with two outboard motors, one that was a two stroke engine and another that was not. Ever since he got this boat, he has been working on getting the boat ready to actually go out onto the water again. It hasn’t been an easy task.

Some bees moved into the casing of both outboard motors and he had to remove them from the casing. Once this was done he had to clean up all of the wiring on the inside of the motors. The two stroke engine is ready now and even has 2 stroke oil waiting for it. The other engine still needs some work to fix all of the damage done by the bees and by not being used in a long time.

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Mixing Yamaha 2S Oil in the Early Morning

domo online blog 3 6-2-14For as long as I can remember, my father has always insisted on getting up for fishing trips before the sun is even up. I have a million bleary memories from my youth of early morning drives and visits to bait shops when the sun was just peaking over the horizon. I remember early morning boat launches and sitting on the boat as my father got ready on the dock.

He would always mix his Yamaha 2S oil with the gasoline in his boat only right before we got ready to leave.  It is odd that he used 2S, since that is for motorcycles and ATV’s.  Now that I have my own boat, I make sure that I use the proper oil, per manufacturer recommendations.

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Memorial Day Means Hitting the Lake with a 2 Stroke Motor and Some 2 Stroke Oil

domo-online blog 1 5-26-14For as long as I can remember, Memorial Day in my family has meant taking out the boats. Of course, when I was growing up it was a little different, because back then my father just had a small boat with a little two stroke outboard motor. On Memorial Day, we would wake up in the early hours of the morning so that we could beat everyone else to the boat launch.

Between picking up food on the way, loading several sleep deprived children into a truck, and mixing some 2 stroke oil and gasoline for the boat, we would inevitably reach the boat dock several hours after our intended time of arrival. By this point, we would wait a long time to get our chance at the boat launch. Only once we were out in the water would our vacation day really begin.

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A Day Spent Learning About 2 Stroke Oil

domo online blog 1 3-31-14My father has never been the type of man that would let his children enjoy any experience without adding a wealth of relevant but ultimately useless information to the trip. Whenever we went out on his boat as kids, he would feed us some information about the boat or about fishing. We were always learning about boat laws and maintenance.

One time, he talked for almost the entire trip about how his outboard motor used 2 stroke oil and how this was very important to remember if we ever had to fill it up. Using oil that was not 2 stroke would be very detrimental to the outboard. I guess at least he wanted to teach us the things that he found useful in his own life.

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2 Stroke Oil at a Car Parts Store

domo online blog 1 2-10-14I don’t often visit stores that sell various car parts. A week ago I had to stop into one, because I had to replace a headlight bulb. I wasn’t about to try driving to work on dark mornings with only one headlight working. I was quickly able to find the light that I needed. I decided that I should look at the motor oil while I was there.

I was surprised that in addition to a lot of different types of car motor oil they also had a wide variety of 2 stroke oil types. Of course this type of oil isn’t for cars, so finding it at an auto parts store seemed very strange to me. Also, they weren’t “name brand” oils. I suppose that an auto parts store would be a logical place to look if I wanted it for my car, but I’m not certain about looking there to get oil for a boat.

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Explaining 2 Stroke Oil

domo online blog 1 12-16-13When you go to an automotive or boating store, you will see many different types of oil. To me, all those numbers, names, and phrases mean essentially nothing. They are all confusing and complicated. What I basically understand is that there are different types of oil for different types of engines. Car engines differ from boat motors, so they use different oil.

For example, 2 stroke oil is a type of engine oil that is used for two stroke engines. Engines that require this type of oil are generally small motors, like the kind that you would find in your lawn mower. The oil is added directly to the gasoline, rather than in some special tank. This means that the oil will be consumed in the same way that gasoline is.

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Mercury 2 Stroke Oil and Other Winterizing Supplies

WebPicture-560x245As the cold air sets in, it’s time to get your two-stroke engine ready for the winter. The change in temperature will make your engine have different needs, since it will be working under new conditions. In order to get ready for the season, there are a few things you will need to buy to extend the life of your motor, even during the winter.

You will need to get the right mercury 2 stroke oil, along with fogging oil. Other materials include lower unit gear lube, gasoline additive, CRC or WD, marine grease, lower unit gear lube pump, and new fuel. The cost of all of these materials is typically around $50, but will make sure you get the most out of your motor. The investment definitely pays for itself.

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