Brand Loyalty

Ever since I bought a boat, I decided I would learn how to do all of my own boat maintenance. I’ve always done my own maintenance on any car I’ve ever owned, so I figured it’d be worthwhile learning about how to keep my boat maintained as well, considering that’s the type of thing I’m interested in.

Some people, myself included, develop a kind of brand loyalty towards certain types of items used for boat maintenance. On my boat, for instance, I only use Mercury 2 stroke premium outboard motor oil. I did a lot of research to figure out what would be best for the type of boat that I have and that’s what I landed on.

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Getting Back on the Water

I live in Washington State, so we get a lot of weather that’s not really great as boating weather. It definitely rains a lot during the spring and the fall and it can get quite a bit too cold or snowy during the winter. Because of this, sometimes I’ll go through fairly long periods of time before I can go boating again; usually my last trip is in October and I can’t go out again until March or April.

There were a few things I needed to do when spring was ending to get my boat prepared. I like to give it a good cleaning before I do anything else. Then I get the supplies I need to deal with its maintenance. When I was almost done, all I needed was a fresh bottle of Mercury 2 stroke oil and I’d be ready to hit the open water.

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Yearly Fishing Trip

My buddy and I are big fans of going fishing. Every year, during the summer, we plan a big fishing trip. Both of us have boats and we use them all the time, but we have one weekend during the summer where we find a new, interesting place to fish and we take one of our boats out there to go check it out.

It was his turn this year to be the one taking us out. We went to a lake a few hours from where I live where there were apparently some great fishing spots. It was a really fun trip. I purchased a bottle of Evinrude Johnson 2 stroke outboard oil and I told him that I’d take us out on my boat next time.

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The Captain

My best friend took us out on his new boat recently. He’s kind of a ridiculous guy, so even though it was a smaller boat, he was acting like he was some big boat captain; he even bought a silly outfit to wear and refused to answer any of us unless we referred to him as Captain. Regardless of all that, we were having a really good time; I like his new boat a lot.

I think that we’re planning on making a few more trips out before winter hits too hard. I was so amused by our previous trip that I decided to trade my friend a couple of bottles of 2 stroke oil in order to be the so-called ‘captain’ of the boat for a day. He gave me his captain’s hat and everything!

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Water Crafts

Being out on the water is great fun, and the way most people like to do it is on water crafts. There are many different types of water crafts – from boats to WaveRunners to jet skis and onward – and each of them requires specific types of maintenance that are different from one another.

For example, it’s important to know what’s the right oil to use depending on your marine vehicle to make sure it’s being maintained correctly and safely. For instance, Yamalube 2W oil is useful for WaveRunners, while it’s probably not going to do a lot of good for most boats. These sorts of things are important to know to make sure your water craft is running smoothly.

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Waiting for Summer

Winter hits early where I live and I don’t often have a lot of time to take off from work for vacations in warmer places. Because of this, I don’t get to enjoy time on my boat as often as I would like to. I love fishing and boating and just being out on the water, but we only get a few weeks a year to do it at a nice, acceptable temperature.

Thus, there’s often a long period of waiting time where I work on boat maintenance rather than boat enjoyment. I like to keep my boat clean and ready for use. When it’s summer again, I’ll be the first one using Yamaha 2S oil to get my boat ready to go.

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Fishing in Colorado

My son lives in Colorado and knowing my love for fishing, he decided to fly me out for my birthday to take me to the Carter Lake Reservoir on his boat. It was a grand old time and I was shocked to see how huge the reservoir was. The Carter Lake Reservoir covers 1,100 acres with water, and we certainly weren’t the only fishermen out by the dam, but with that much space, we were able to keep to ourselves and have a great weekend of father-son bonding.

Out in the Carter Lake Reservoir, there are walleye, salmon, largemouth bass, rainbow trout, and more types of fish than I could have possibly imagined. I know that there were areas nearby – in the massive amount of surrounding land – where people were hunting and hiking and having all sorts of good times. In my case, however, fishing was all I needed and I made sure to supply my son’s boat with Mercury 2 Stroke Oil in order to thank him for taking me on such a great trip.

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Summer Hot Spots

My wife subscribes to People magazine, and I will admit that I flipped through the pages of the latest issue. Since we are in the throes of summer, the magazine did an obligatory spread on the tropical paradises celebrities frequent. Though I myself have no aspirations for fame, I do admit it would be nice to have the money to take exotic vacations on a whim.

The first hot spot profiled was St. Tropez, a tropical French paradise. The waters are so blue that there is a specific shade of blue that bears the island’s name. Apparently, actor Johnny Depp has a 156-foot yacht that you can rent for $130,000 a week. I don’t have that kind of money, so I think I’ll stick to tuning up my boat with Evinrude Johnson 2 stroke outboard oil.

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High End Semi-Synthetic Oil

This past week, I’ve dedicated quite a bit of blog space to synthetic oils. I’d like to close out the work week by telling you a bit more about my high end semi-synthetic oil of choice, Yamalube 2W. This marine oil is specifically approved for use in Yamaha sport boats and WaveRunners.

Though it is available in smaller sizes, I personally stock up on Yamalube 2W oil and buy it in 55-gallon drums. I would estimate that using the high end semi-synthetic oil has saved me thousands of dollars in engine parts. Yamalube 2W keeps the internal workings of the motor well lubricated, clean and cool.

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Playing Chicken

My daughter is grounded for the rest of the week up here at the lake house. She thought it would be fun to play chicken using our PWC. She and a friend went speeding toward each other until finally one of them peeled off.

A PWC is a powerful machine. She and her friend could have really hurt themselves! My daughter thinks I’m being unreasonable with the grounding, but I wouldn’t be a good parent if I didn’t punish her for such reckless behavior. I’m going to have to add on some more chores, too, now that I think about it. Maybe I’ll have her pay me back for the Yamaha 2W oil she burned while playing her dangerous game.

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Critical Information

When it comes to the maintenance of my outboard motor, I am meticulous. Every service manual, parts manual, and warranty is carefully stored in a plastic sleeve and then in a filing cabinet. It’s better than keeping the manuals stacked in the shed where they could be easily lost or damaged.

The filing system has worked wonders for me. Whenever I have a maintenance issue or a question about when I should change out the Mercury 2 stroke premium outboard motor oil, I know exactly where to look. Actually, several of my friends who have the same outboard motors have asked to borrow my manuals because they know that mine are intact and fully legible.

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Mercury or Bust

Have you ever played the why game? If you have kids then you know what I’m referring to. It’s when someone repeatedly asks you “why” in response to every explanation you offer up. It frequently ends in exasperation.

I recently got into another version of the why game called the “what if” game. A buddy of mine was trying to get me to budge on my favorite Mercury 2 stroke oil. “What if the local store was out?” “I’d go to another.” “What if they didn’t have it? What would you use?” “I’d go to another store or order it online.” This went on for a while until I eventually blew my top. Not the most mature reaction, but then neither was the game in the first place.

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