When to Use 2 Stroke Oil

350px-TwostrokeinjectionBefore understanding when it is appropriate to use two stroke oil, you will have to know what the oil is made of. The oil-base stock is typically petroleum, vegetable, semi-synthetic or synthetic oil. This is added to petrol or gasoline at a fuel to oil ratio from 16:1 to as low as 100:1. For lower emissions, the new two strokes use synthetic oil.

The most common time to use 2 stroke oil is in a crankcase compression two-stroke engine. These engines are different than their four-cycle counterparts and need different oil as a result. A two stroke engine is lighter weight and does not have a closed crankcase. Instead, the crankcase is used as part of the induction tract, meaning gasoline must be mixed in with the oil at some point during the process.

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Yamaha’s Products Include Yamaha 2M Oil

pic_009I used to think that companies couldn’t have the same name as other companies, but then I started to see stores in my area like McDonald’s Furniture, which had no affiliation to the fast food restaurant and simply shared a name. I would have figured that it’d be difficult to get a business started with a name so close to such a popular company.

One way I was really surprised, however, was when I discovered that the Yamaha that made my musical instruments was the same Yamaha that made the Yamaha 2M oil that I use on my boat. I had figured that it was another instance of two companies with the same name, but it turns out that Yamaha gets their hands into all sorts of different products.

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Stocking Up on 2 Stroke Oil

DSCF1584When I buy motor oil for my boat, I tend to buy a lot of it all at once before I worry about getting any more of it. Usually, if you purchase enough, it’s something that you don’t have to have on your mind very frequently at all. And when you go out on your boat as often as I do, that’s really a significant weight off your shoulders to not have to think about that.

I was running low on oil not too long ago, so I had to figure out exactly what amount of oil I would need that would be cost-effective and efficient for me and my busy schedule. I knew that with the right amount of 2 stroke oil on hand, I wouldn’t have to worry about going out and finding more of it for quite some time, so I made sure to purchase a decent amount.

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From Kayaking to Boating with Evinrude Johnson 2 Stroke Outboard Oil

kayakersBoatI’ve always been a huge fan of spending time out on the water. Recently, I’ve been going kayaking a lot more often, which has been a lot of fun and really good exercise. However, kayaking can be a little bit exhausting and I had been thinking for a while about getting something more relaxing to do out on the water, which is why I bought a boat.

I still go kayaking frequently, but now I spend some of my weekends taking the boat out with a few friends and just cruising around and having a relaxing time with some music and a few drinks. I make sure to keep Evinrude Johnson 2 stroke outboard oil on hand since I’ve been going out boating quite often and want to make the most of the summer.

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Yamaha 2S Oil for the Next Family Vacation

2008-Yamaha-PW80aEvery year since my kids have been old enough to walk, my wife and I have taken the family on a vacation in the summer. We’ve been to theme parks before like Disneyworld and Six Flags and sometimes we go to places where we can go hiking and camping. This year, I want to stick a little bit closer to home, because I want to bring my new boat along with us.

What my wife and I are planning is a trip over to the other side of the state, where there are more lakes and interesting places to camp out and spend time on the water. I’m stocking up on everything I’m going to need for my boat, including maintenance supplies like Yamaha 2M oil, because I want to be able to take my kids fishing for the first time.

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Lakeside with Mercury 2 Stroke Oil

sloaneboatLiving on the side of a lake has a huge number of benefits, especially when summertime rolls around. There are all kinds of great things that we can do when guests come over. Obviously, we’re able to go for a swim out there, which is really nice. We’re also able to go fishing whenever we want. However, the most fun thing for us to do is to take people out on our boat.

Since our gatherings with friends are often more impromptu than they are planned, we like to make sure that our boat is always properly maintained. That’s why we always make sure to keep a solid stock of Mercury 2 stroke oil on hand so that the boat is always in good shape before we take it out for a spin on the lake with our friends.

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Knowing If Your Vehicle Needs 2 Stroke Oil

0a7fcdb2250f43fa9c30ae8ec2af096aIt’s important to know as much as possible about your vehicle, whether it’s car, a boat, or anything else. The reason for this is because knowing a lot about vehicles allows you to know how to diagnose and treat any problems with it. Obviously, if you’re less experienced, it’s generally in your best interest to bring your vehicle in to a mechanic, but having some knowledge can help.

Even having the most basic information can help significantly. For instance, if you have a 2 stroke engine in your boat, you have to be certain that you’re using 2 stroke oil when you’re doing maintenance on your boat. Similarly, knowing the type of car you have can be important when it comes to choosing tires or anything else for your vehicle.

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A Bottle of Mercury 2 Stroke Premium Outboard Motor Oil Can’t Hurt

Aqua_Patio_250_Express_Night_Lights_LO-RES.jpgMy friend was having some issues with his boat recently. I’m a car mechanic predominantly, but I’ve done a small amount of work with boats before, so when he told me about his issues, I told him I’d be willing to take a look at it for him. Whenever any of my friends need car or boat advice, I’m always willing to help them out free of charge.

I took a look at it, but I couldn’t really figure out what the problem was. I’m a lot more well-versed when it comes to cars than I am when it comes to boats, so it didn’t surprise me that much that I wasn’t able to figure it out. I told him that I didn’t know what was wrong with his boat, but a bottle of Mercury 2 stroke premium outboard motor oil certainly wasn’t going to hurt.

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Evinrude Johnson 2 Stroke Outboard Oil for Dad’s Birthday

Bertramportside2My father’s birthday is in June, so I’ve got to start thinking of a gift to get him. He has plenty of summertime hobbies that make it easy to figure out what to get him. He’s really into boating, fishing, hunting, and many other outdoor activities.

This year he’s been planning several boating trips with friends, so I decided to get him something for his boat. I did some searching and I decided that I would pick him up some Evinrude Johnson 2 stroke outboard oil, because I know that he enjoys doing his boat’s maintenance on his own.

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Carrying On Family Tradition With Yamaha Oil

bootstaufeWhen I was a boy, I  went on annual fishing trips with my dad; he taught me how to fish and it became something that I still do regularly. Though we gradually went on fewer fishing trips together as I got older, it was still something I looked forward to whenever we would plan a trip. Those were very meaningful times as I look back on those trips.

I want to make sure that my son has the same fond memories of our times together as I do of my father, so I now take him for a fishing trip every year. I fill up my boat with some Yamaha oil and  we head out to a lake or a river where we fish together. I think my son enjoys it as much as I did when I was his age.

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Using Mercury 2 Stroke Oil With My Brother

dogsbodecMy twin brother and I always like to plan fishing trips together. It reminds us of the times when we were kids and our grandfather would take us out fishing. My brother and I live pretty close to one another, so we are able to get prepared together too. He has a large garage and workshop area, so I usually take my boat over there.

We work on the boat together and make sure that everything is in the best possible condition. We use Mercury 2 stroke oil to maintain my boat, which has a 2 stroke engine. We also clean the boat together and make sure that we both have all of the supplies that we are going to need before our fishing trip. It’s always good to be prepared.

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How 2 Stroke Oil Works

4cycle-diagramFour-cycle engines have a closed crankcase, which is what makes them different from two-cycle engines. Crankcase compression two-stroke engines require a different type of oil than a four-cycle engine because of this reason. Since these types of engines use the crankcase as part of the induction tract, gasoline and oil must be mixed for proper lubrication.

Generally, the best way to do this is to use 2 stroke oil, which is offered by many of the top motor oil brands. This type of oil is burned alongside the fuel in what is technically a total-loss oiling system, though it is rarely referred to as such, because two-stroke engines differ greatly from other total-loss oiling systems that are used in steam engines.

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