Preparing a Boat for Summer Fun on the Lake with 2 Stroke Oil

domo online blog 1 7-28-14My uncle recently acquired a boat that had been sitting in someone’s yard for several years without being used. The boat came fully equipped with two outboard motors, one that was a two stroke engine and another that was not. Ever since he got this boat, he has been working on getting the boat ready to actually go out onto the water again. It hasn’t been an easy task.

Some bees moved into the casing of both outboard motors and he had to remove them from the casing. Once this was done he had to clean up all of the wiring on the inside of the motors. The two stroke engine is ready now and even has 2 stroke oil waiting for it. The other engine still needs some work to fix all of the damage done by the bees and by not being used in a long time.

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