Environmentally Friendly Boating Tip 1

Our first tip is an obvious one. This one involves keeping your trash out of our waterways, out of our wetlands and off our shores and coastlines. Trash and debris are some of the biggest problems facing the world’s vast stretches of waterways. In recent years with the increase in consumption we’ve begun to see the al of the planet’s water becoming more and more polluted. As a result, habitats and their wildlife are suffering the most.

So next time you’re on the water make sure you’re keeping all of your trash on board with you. Don’t throw anything into the water. That means cigarette butts, water bottles, fishing line and any other garbage. And be sure to use those conveniently placed recycling bins at your local marina for all of your glass, paper and plastic. You can even recycle the plastic shrink wrap you use to store your boat for the winter. In addition, use a highly efficient motor oil such as Yamalube 2W oil for two cycle engines. And tune in next week for our next Environmentally Friendly Boating Tip.

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