Greener Living – Even on the Water

This week’s group of tips & tricks for boaters centers around a growing trend in our society. These days, people are becoming more and more concerned with keeping the environment healthy, clean and safe. And they’re trying to do it not just for us but for our children and grandchildren as well. This new trend is showing itself in all aspects of our lives, and boating is no exception.

So this week and next we’ll be looking at things you can do, and small changes you can make, to enjoy greener boating. Everyone should be doing more to reduce the carbon footprint, and that means avid boaters and boating enthusiasts. Many people don’t realize that boaters and fishermen were the original conservationists. We enjoy the water directly, and often. As a result we’ve have worked closely with government agencies in order to develop more ways to help the environment. Check out our list and you’ll see how you can too. And try Yamaha 2S oil in your two cycle engine for maximum Yamaha motor efficiency.

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