Fuel Economy Tip 4

The fourth installment of our fuel economy tips involves something we know quite well: stay on top of motor maintenance by regularly changing oil and plugs. For example, if you have a Yamaha motor you’ll want to take a look at Yamalube to help maximize performance and save the most at the gas pump. Each engine will have its own specific requirements and recommendations so be sure to check with the manufacturer to find out exactly what type of oil is best for your motor.

Also, regularly check your plugs to make sure they’re clean and properly seated in the motor. This would also be an excellent opportunity to check to see if one or all of them need to be replaced. Remember, when trying to maximize fuel efficiency in any type of gasoline powered engine there’s nothing that beats regular maintenance. And in order to get the most out of your maintenance, make sure you know what you’re doing and be very thorough in your routine inspections.

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