Fuel Economy Tip 7

The seventh and final installment of our fuel saving guide for boaters is yet another in the long list of great practices that many people simply overlook. Since maintenance can cut down on the time you get to spend enjoying your boat, many routine maintenance functions are the first to fall by the wayside. That said, it’s essential to ensure the hull of your boat is clear and free of all marine life and obstructions that will affect your fuel efficiency.

Even the smallest amount of marine growth can take a big chunk out of your fuel efficiency. This is especially the case if you keep your boat in the water. Marine growth can build up quickly, and a lot of boat owners simply forget about this. Everything on the hull creates a sort of drag and as a result of this friction your fuel economy can be needlessly and tremendously diminished. So don’t forget to keep that hull clean! And with the right two cycle outboard motor oil you’ll be even better equipped to save money at the pump.

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